Medical emergency

Medical emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, your priority is to ensure your own safety and that of the injured person.  You should immediately contact the Campus Emergency Number on 9999 (or 9850 9999 from a mobile phone) and advise the nature of the injury/illness as well as the location (building number, floor/room number or other location)

If the patient's condition is uncertain or life threatening then disclose this information when speaking with Security

Do not move the injured person unless there is a high risk of further injury or even death.  Keep calm and do not leave the injured person unattended

First aid facilities are located at convenient locations across campus in the event of an injury or illness occurring. First aid is a valuable personal skill that can be used anywhere

Finding a First Aider - There are over 90 First Aiders on campus; in addition all Security staff are first aid trained and can respond in an emergency. Click here to find a First Aider on campus.

Finding a First Aid Kit - First Aid kits are located in all areas of the campus, and are located in accessible areas. To locate a first aid kit you should look for the following symbols -

Description: First aid kit

There are 2 dedicated first aid rooms on Campus, located at C1A (Security Control Centre) and Y3A.

Automatic External Defibrillators on Campus - There are a number of AED's located in key areas on the campus including, Y3A; the Medical Centre, Sports & Aquatic Centre and two mobile kits located with Security. These locations ensure that an AED is able to be deployed anywhere on campus within 5 minutes. All AED's are operated by staff, trained in Advanced Resuscitation.

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