Building access

Building access

Building access 

As a Macquarie University staff member or student, you will most likely require access to a number of the areas/buildings across the Campus, some of which are "access controlled".

The University's access control system is integrated within its Campus Card environment, so you are able to use your Card for many varied functions, including swipe card access.

Find out more about the University's Campus Card.

  1. Your Campus card will be issued to you when you commence at the University as either a student or staff member.  The University's Campus Card is integrated with our Campus Access Control system which enables individuals to access certain controlled areas when activated.
  2. Application for access to relevant student/teaching/work areas needs to be approved prior to its activation.  This is done through your Faculty/Department nominated Access Control Administrator - see below for the listing.  If you are unsure which Faculty/Department you need, contact the Security Control Centre on 9850 7112 or email
  3. Activation of access privileges is done by the nominated Administrator and once programmed is available immediately for use.
  4. Door readers operate by placing your campus card approx 1cm from the front face of the reader.  Hold the card in position for 1-2 seconds, until you hear a beep and the red light turns to green, the door will unlock allowing you to open the door.  Try again if the door does not open, if it is still not opening contact your Administrator or Security Services (ext 7112 or 9850 7112).
  5. Keypad reader Keypad readers are a door reader that incorporates a pin pad.  To gain access during normal office hours simply swipe your card over the Number "5" key.  Staff may need to access doors where these readers do require a Pin code, your Access Control Administrator will be able to provide you with a Pin code if it is confirmed that you require access. To access using a Pin code, swipe your card over the Number "5", wait till the light goes green, then enter your Pin code.
  6. Take care of your card, do not punch holes, bend, scratch the magnetic strip or expose to extreme heat, as the cards contain technical data to enable them to be operational.  Replacement cards will incur a fee.
Access Requirement Location Authorised Contact Contact Email
Faculty of Arts

Arts Various areas (exceptions listed below) John McEvoy
HDR Candidates Y3A 10 Hadenfeld Ave Tanja Andric
Maryanne Hozijan
Law W3A 6 First Walk Debbie Loo
MMCCS Y3A 10 Hadenfeld Ave David Mitchell
Peter Ring 
SSC Y3A 10 Hadenfeld Ave Andy McNeill
Annabel Voysey
Faculty of Business and Economics

FBE E4A 4 Eastern Rd Loretta Sayyad
Faculty of Human Sciences

Cognitive Science AHH 16 University Ave Teri Roberts
Lesley McKnight 
Education Various areas Alison Pollard
Institute of Early Childhood (IEC) X5B 29 Wally's Walk Julie McCorquodale
Linguistics C5A 12 Second Way Margaret Wood
Psychology C3A 4 First Walk Neville McElroy
Psychology - Emotional Health AHH 16 University Ave Shari Hendriks
Psychology - MUPC AHH 16 University Ave Sabina Morrow
Psychology - MUCHE E4A 4 Eastern Rd Meredith Lill
Psychology - Mindspot AHH 16 University Ave Carol Purtell
Special Education Centre X5A 14 First Walk Natalie Watson
Anne Murdoch 
SIM Hub Y3A 10 Hadenfeld Ave Mark Wiggins
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) 75 Talavera Rd Sheree Crick
Biomedical Sciences 75 Talavera Rd Laura Newey
Clinical Medicine 75 Talavera Rd Collette Tosen
Faculty 75 Talavera Rd Shanna O'Connor
Health Professions - Physiotherapy 75 Talavera Rd Michelle Jeffrey
Faculty of Science and Engineering

APAF E8C 6 Wally's Walk Alamgir Khan
Science All Science Areas Ron Claassens
DVC - Research

Animal Research Facility F9A 15 Research Park Dr Christine Sutter
Brain Behaviour & Evolution - Fauna Park W21A 209a Culloden Rd Robby Miller
HDRO C5C 17 Wally's Walk Lynn Davis
Research Office C5C 17 Wally's Walk Eleanor Johnson
DVC - Students and Registrar

Campus Life Banksia 8 Link Rd
Campus Hub 1 Central Courtyard 
Sports and Aquatic Centre 10 Gymnasium Rd 
Tanya Hunter
Tanya Hunter

Mark Webber
Adam Newell 
MUSE C7A 18 Wally's Walk
DVC - Academic
LTC W6B 25 Wally's Walk
C3B 2 First Walk 
Shirley Li
Alison Cameron
Library C3C 16 Macquarie Walk Wendy Palmer
Library Study Spaces
Alison Briggs
MUIC E3A 10 Macquarie Walk Paula Jimenezplaza
Macquarie International E3A 10 Macquarie Walk Natalia Villena
PACE EMC Building 3 Innovation Rd Georgette Roumanos

Business Services, OFS EMC Building 3 Innovation Rd Andrew Hallman
Human Resources C5C 17 Wally's Walk Jason Ferguson
Information Technology Various areas Rajnesh Koul
Property Y6A 2 Link Rd Sharon Crosby

MGSM 1 Executive Rd Pauline Bradley
English Language Centre E3B 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave Philip White
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