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(MU 3747) is a base ring ware tankard from Stephania, Cyprus, found in Tomb 14A (Acc. No. S42), excavated by Professor J.Basil Hennessy and donated to Macquarie University in 2003.

Museum Closure Notice

In preparation to move to the new Arts Precinct in 2020, the Museum of Ancient Cultures will be closed from Monday 4th November 2019 until further notice.


Museum of Ancient Cultures,

Level 3, 29 Wally's Walk
Macquarie University

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Exhibition currently on display:

When Cultures Clash? Trace and Space in Ancient Israel
As the geopolitical centre between surrounding civilisations, the fertile land of Israel has been a hub of intercultural exchange and a meeting point for clashing and collaborating powers throughout its entire history. The exhibition traces the archaeological record of various cultures present within the Southern Levant during the Bronze Age to Iron Age, exploring how the identity of these communities were affected and formed in such a multicultural world.

For upcoming talks and open lectures, please see the Macquarie Ancient History Association under upcoming events.

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