Work experience program

Work experience program

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The object on this page is part of a Hellenistic theatre mask (MU 3764).

Work Experience Program

This program is open to secondary school or TAFE students in Year 10. Those on the program can experience something of the work of Museum staff, ancient historians and archaeologists.

Students carry out general office duties, help with administration, and may do some research via the web or the Library. They are shown how to handle artefacts correctly, are given some of the basic principles of design and exhibition layout, attend the Education Program to develop their skills of observation and deduction as well as develop their people skills by meeting and interacting with staff, students, other work experience students and members of the public. Past students have found this a very beneficial program to attend.

It is a policy that we take students from those schools that support our Education Programs and bring their students on excursion to Macquarie University. Places are limited and we work on a first-come, first-served principle.

Arrangements can be made if Careers Advisors contact Jon Dalrymple (on 9850 9261) or the Director, Karl Van Dyke (on 9850 9263; to discuss this further and check availability.

Please note: This is a very popular program, so schools need to book their students in with the Museum as early as possible.

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