Museum launch

Museum launch

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Launch of the Macquarie University Sporting Hall of Fame

The First University Sporting Museum in Australia

The Macquarie University Sporting Hall of Fame was opened by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steven Schwartz on 26 March, 2009.

Speakers Steven Schwartz, John Shepard and Deidre Anderson captivated the crowd with speeches about Macquarie's sporting past, present and future.

Featured Athletes attended the Launch with their families were enthralled with the intimate portrayed of each individual athlete's sporting history with Macquarie University.

The surround sound which accompanies the ceiling projector video only added to the significance of event; opening the first University Sporting Museum in Australia.

Steven Schwartz, Deidre Anderson, Grant Brits
Steven Schwartz, Vice-Chancellor
Deidre Anderson, Deupty Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar)
Grant Brits, Olympian
Photo by: Effy Alexakis

Eliza Stewart
Photo By: Effy Alexakis
Eliza Stewart and Family

Alexander Coombes
Photo By: Effy Alexakis
Alexander Coombes and Family

Museum Launch
Photo by: Effy Alexakis

John Shepherd
Photo by: Effy Alexakis
John Shepherd, Former President of Macquarie University Sport

Natalie Frostick
Photo by: Effy Alexakis
Natalie Frostick and family

Craig Oliver
Photo By: Effy Alexakis
Craig Oliver, MC

Kristine Churchill
Photo by: Effy Alexakis
Kristine Churchill with Family & Friends

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