Our Collection

Our Collection

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We need YOUR help to build the collection for the Macquarie University Sporting Hall of Fame.

This is an excellent opportunity to immortalise your past achievements and display your personal history to the Macquarie Community.

You can help to ensure that Macquarie's cultural heritage is preserved and recognised for the benefit of current and future generations by making a donation.

The Macquarie University Sporting Hall of Fame welcomes gifts of objects from your past at Macquarie for the collection. Types of materials to consider donating are: trophies, uniforms, sporting equipment, videos, books, posters, plaques and memorabilia.

Suitability of donations must be discussed with our curator before we can accept a donation.

To donate:

In order to donate simply fill out the deed of gift and donor questionnaire forms and bring your clearly labelled donation to the Customer Service Desk at the Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre.

If you are unable to bring your donation to the University, contact the Sport Club and Alumni Coordinator Bill McMahon on: (02) 9850 4198 to make further arrangements.

We appreciate your support!

A special thanks to our 2013 donors:

  • Nadine Neumann
  • Annick Madden
  • Andrew McLean
  • Jeb McAviney
  • Laird Abernethy


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