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Current Exhibition:

Macquarie's Finest

Launched May 2015

Macquarie's Finest is the sixth exhibition to be launched in the Macquarie University Hall of Fame.

The exhibition, located in the new and improved level one location at the Sport and Aquatic Centre, celebrates the past 50 years of Sport and Recreation at Macquarie University and recognises the talents of emerging and established athletes who play an important role in adding to the rich sporting history of Macquarie University.

The exhibition is displayed in three parts:

History of Sport and Recreation at Macquarie University

The first part of the exhibition explores the history of Sport and Recreation at Macquarie University since the University opened in 1968 and demonstrates how much Sport and Recreation has changes over the past 50 years. Key activities that occurred each decade are highlighted including changes to facilities, clubs and programs.

Macquaries Finest

This section of the exhibition profiles six of the finest athletes that have attended Macquarie University over the past 50 years. Each panel celebrates the sporting successes these athletes achieved during their time at Macquarie and beyond on a national and international level.

Featured Athletes:

  • Ian Pollard - Tennis
  • Liz Ellis - Netball
  • Tina McKenzie - Wheelchair Basketball
  • Lauren Jackson - Basketball
  • Jason King - Rugby League
  • Melissa Wu - Diving

Sport Clubs

The third section of the "Macquarie's Finest" exhibition focuses on the rich history of Sport Clubs at Macquarie University.  This section explores the history of five of our oldest sporting clubs celebrating their finest moments, finest members and the progress they have made.  

Featured Clubs:

  • Macquarie University AFL Club 
  • Macquarie University Cricket Club 
  • Macquarie University Macquanauts
  • Macquarie University Rugby Club
  • Macquarie University Squash Club  

This section of the exhibition also features a display cabinet filled with memorabilia from our current 16 sport clubs.

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Exhibition Curators:
Jane Thorgesen
Bill McMahon

Lindley Joyner 

Exhibition Launch

Macquarie's Finest was launched on 27 May 2015 with a staff event held at the Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre. The exhibition will also be launched at a more formal event in June which will be attended by Sporting Alumni, Sport Scholars, Club representatives and distinguished University Members.

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