Teong Eng Tan, Ryoanji seriesIn the Loop: Feeding the Polyphonic Present 

19 October – 27 November 2015 

This inaugural exhibition explores the diversity of arts practices within the Department of Music, Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. It opens up a conversation about contemporary practice as research, its impact upon the broader community and examines how the work of artists as academics feeds into the wider discourse. Artists: Vanessa Berry, Clare Cooper, Wade Marynowsky, Alex Mesker, Terry Pelarek, Selina Springett, Clinton Walker and Danielle Zorbas.

David Lever paintingHistory in Dioramas: David Lever 

9 – 29 October 2015
Opening Friday 9 October, 10am – midday 

During the past 20 years most of my paintings have been based on childhood memories of the inner suburbs of Sydney. The paintings have usually portrayed a social history of street life between the years of 1900 and 1960. The buildings included in those paintings, are shops, hotels and houses, which were built approximately 120 years ago. 

Feeling like a temporary break from painting I started making dioramas during 2014. Many of the works are based on my paintings and are made from found materials from old inner suburban buildings in Sydney. In a way, I have been bringing my paintings to life. 

The Lino surfaces used are also from old Sydney buildings eg, The Court House Hotel in Australia Street, Newtown. Brass sheeting is from a kick plate from an old hotel door. The old painted timber I have used is from architraves and door frames. I have deliberately left layers of paint showing to allow those pieces of timber to show their history in colour.

Moments in Time: Jozef Vissel, Photographer

Friday 14 August - Wednesday 30 September 2015 
Hosted by Alan Davies 

This exhibition explores 50 years of professional and private photographic practice, across continents, viewing global and local events, changes in photographic technology and the personal triumph of one individual to creatively perceive the world around him. Whilst Vissel's image of architect Jon Utzon has become an icon of Australian portrait photography of the mid-1960s, his oeuvre reveals a much broader and deeper mastery of themes, interests, techniques and challenges.

Sandra Leveson: Paintings of Poise and Passion

Sandra Leveson, Dot Screen 1, 1969-71, screenprint, 72.0 x 72.0 cm, Photography Effy Alexakis, Photowrite, © Sandra Leveson.17 June 2015 - 31 July 2015

A selection of Leveson's early works utilising a pop and op edge as well as abstract expressionist in form. The work is unique in that it provides a base of painterly forms generated through an overlay of imposition of pop Ben Day dots.

Contemporary Gallipoli 2015

2 April 2015 - 10 June 2015

Art Gallery - Contemporary GallipoliContemporary Gallipoli 2015 is an intercultural group exhibition exploring, interpreting and reflecting upon the Allied Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey within the context of marking the centenary. The exhibition takes into account both retrospective and contemporary perspectives reimagined, embedded within those histories and culture[s].

Perceptions of War

Art Gallery - War through comics and cartoons image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial9 February 2015 - 18 March 2015

Perceptions of War weaves together startling new evidence that presents an alternative perspective on war history within the context and framework of Remembrance - a powerful emotional and physical response to the complexities of war.

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