Sculpture park

Sculpture park

The Sculpture Park is an interactive experience. 

The Sculpture Park is a 'space of possibilities', where the environment and people interconnect through a process of discovery, enjoyment and learning. It also allows for social interaction where collective interpretation and reflection can be shared. The Sculpture Park's significance is globally recognised by the International Directory of Sculpture Parks, and was listed by Best Value Schools as one of the 25 most amazing sculpture gardens in the world.

Sculpture Park Tour

Visitors are welcome and self guided tours can be taken at any time. Alternatively, please contact us to book into a guided tour.

In the video below, Art Gallery curator Leonard Janiszewski presents some of the interesting sculptures in the campus. (Video courtesy of Gina Park and Dr Guy Morrow)

One of the largest sculpture parks in Australia

The Macquarie University Sculpture Park was established in 1992, and founded by Dr Errol Bruce Davis, OAM, B.E. (1926 - 2009).  The University's open parkland of 125 hectares features significant flora and fauna reserves, heritage sites, and an earth sciences garden. Peppered amongst these natural features are some 130 original sculptures by leading and emerging Australian and international sculptors. The natural surroundings provide an opportunity for visitors to visually engage and explore at their own leisure.

The collection aims to show a variety of styles, materials and techniques showing works in sandstone, limestone, concrete, steel, stainless steel, painted steel, bronze, copper and ceramics.

Foon Sham Vessels Arising
Foon Sham
Vessels Arising
Dressed timber blocks
Paul Hopmeier Confidence
Paul Hopmeier
Painted welded steel
Richard Byrnes Calcium Sonata
Richard Byrnes
Calcium Sonata
Cast aluminium
Errol Davis Bombora
Dr Errol Davis (1926 - 2009)

Photography: Effy Alexakis and Irena Conomos 

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