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Tony McGillick (Australia, b.1941, d.1992). Imogen’s ensign, 1973, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 226.5 x 324.0 x 80.0 cm, Art Gallery of New South Wales. Purchased 1974 © Estate of Tony McGillick. Photo: AGNSW

A Field of Colour
Tony McGillick − A Retrospective
A Macquarie University Art Gallery exhibition
9 July-10 September
Curators: Rhonda Davis, Lauren McGillick and Paul McGillick

This major survey exhibition takes an in-depth look at the artist’s practice from the 1960s until his untimely death in 1992. The exhibition aims to cement Tony McGillick’s reputation as being one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists of the last century.

Response to Tony McGillick’s cloth works
Meredith Brice
Macquarie University Library Exhibition Space
19 July-24 August 2018

"I've responded to the works of Tony McGillick's conceptual approach to painting, responding to the idea of the line he has drawn between the Renaissance and Modernity. His innovative, aesthetically seductive works bearing the marks of international modernism with their emphasis on the reductive process, geometric shapes, modular arrangements, repetition, emotional colour interactions and expressive gestures give invaluable insights into his later works; the fluid-filled geometries and softly engineered draperies expressing colour and form through inter-relationship. These folding fields of shifting colour, to me, build a pattern and narrative that sits between, in-between and beyond the retina pointing to the porosity and silence of the inexpressible and the ineffable." - Meredith Brice

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