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Pandemic Bodies

Fan Dongwang

1 March − 16 April 2021

Pandemic Bodies

Fan Dongwang,  Pandemic Body-Hope 2020
90 x 90 cm  acrylic on canvas | Courtesy of the artist

In our pandemic-ravaged world, our bodies bear little resemblance to the ‘normal’ human body. My work Pandemic Body is an imaginative vision of the new bodily world as a huge map of the post-pandemic psyche. A mix of different ethnicities colours and genders, the bodies are confused, depersonalised, cool and inorganic, and easy to reshape. The lines and shapes delineate an immense space with new boundaries and depth – full of aching, longing, order-less and distorted bodies forming an assemblage endlessly floating on the blue surface, gasping for air, emerging and submerging, shrinking and extending.

COVID-19 has revealed the fragility of the human race; regardless of our technological and economic advancements, a microscopic and invisible virus has wreaked havoc, shattering our religious beliefs and spirituality, forming a wake-up call for us to rethink our relationship with religion, technology and environment.

In the post-pandemic world, my paintings of Australia’s iconic landscapes combined with bodies reflect on the peculiar state of our existence: overwhelmed by its hostile environment, the body is suspended, floating, fragmented, perplexed and isolated, as if we have lost control, purpose, beliefs and identities, which we need to regain to help future generations survive.


Wednesday 10 March
1pm − 2.30pm

Discussion Panel 

Guest speakers join Fan Dongwang
The pandemic and the role of the artist
Afternoon tea will be included
Bookings essential limited number of places

T: 9850 7437

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Lunar North Confluence Online Panel
Saturday 20 February
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Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios
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Pandemic Bodies is proudly supported by 2020 COVID-19 Response Funding from:  Create NSW Australia Council of the Arts and National Association of Visual Arts.

Pandemic Bodies is part of Lunar North Confluence; exhibitions celebrating Lunar New Year on the North Shore.
Participating Galleries: Art Space on The Concourse, Gallery Lane Cove, and Incinerator Art Space.

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