Education programs

Education programs

The Australian History Museum at Macquarie University offers two standard programs for schools. Both are in accordance with the NSW Board of Studies Mandatory syllabus and Modern History syllabus. Students can either visit the museum on site or, in some cases, arrangements can be made for the education officer to bring the program to schools in the metropolitan area.

World War I and its Aftermath

Outcomes: H3.3, H3.4, H4.1

This program focuses on the key features and requirements of the core syllabus. Emphasis is placed on the skills of interpretation, analysis and evaluation of the sources. Students are encouraged to recognise the difference between usefulness and reliability, to consider different perspectives and to present their conclusions based on evidence. Original source material includes photographs, propaganda, recruiting posters, letters, postcards, cartoons, medals, objects, newspapers, maps and magazines.

Cost: $16.50 per student (including GST)

1960's / SC Response Workshop

Outcomes: 5.1, 5.5, 5.7

This 1.5 hour in-school program using primary source material offers and overview of the Stage 5 History syllabus (Decade Study) and strategies for structuring School Certificate style responses. This program incorporates original print documents and archival footage into an interactive PowerPoint and lecture offering students and insight into the social and cultural fabric of the 1960's focusing on music, fashion, food, technology and British and American influences on popular culture.

Cost: $16.50 per student (including GST)

For enquiries and bookings contact the museum.

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