School visits

School visits

The Museum of Ancient Cultures and the Australian History Museum are excited to be moving to the new Arts Precinct at Macquarie University in 2020. We will be closed for school programs from the start of Term 4, 2019 and will reopen at the start of Term 3, 2020. Bookings will be available from May 2020 (Term 2).
Please contact for bookings and inquiries at this time.

The Australian History Museum offers Education Programs for years 9,10, 11 and 12 in line with NSW syllabuses. Focusing on the usefulness and reliability of sources. All programs incorporate hands-on workshops with primary source documents and objects from the Australian History Museum collection creating a meaningful educational experience for all students.

The programs are conducted by the Museum's Education Officers and the skills, talents and subject specialties are matched to suit the requirements of the programs on offer.

The content of these programs can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual schools or can be organised along more general lines to meet school requirements. We can also arrange for the seminars to be conducted at your school if possible.

Education Programs

The Australian History Museum at Macquarie University offers two standard programs for schools. Students can either visit the museum on site or, in some cases, arrangements can be made for the education officer to bring the program to schools in the metropolitan area.

World War I, World War 2 and the ANZAC Legend

STAGE 5 OUTCOMES: HT5-5, HT5-7, HT5-9, HT5-10

This program focuses on STAGE 5 core syllabus. Emphasis is placed on the skills of interpretation, analysis and evaluation of the sources. Students are encouraged to recognise the usefulness and reliability of a source, to consider different perspectives as well as the impact of the researcher on source analysis and use, and to present their conclusions based on evidence. Original source material includes photographs, propaganda, recruiting posters, letters, postcards, cartoons, medals, objects, newspapers, maps and magazines.

The suggested duration of the program is 2.5 hours - this allows for 2 toilet breaks. A shorter or longer program can be negotiated.

Cost: $20.00 per student (including GST)

Shaping of the Modern World - a 1912 Grand Tour

STAGE 6 OUTCOMES: M11-3, M11-4, M11-5, M11-6, M11-7, M11-8, M11-9

This program explores the making of the modern world through the life and adventures of Nellie Freeman, who documented her grand voyage to Europe in 1912 in a large travel diary, currently housed in the Australian History Museum. The program incorporates primary source material from the diary to explore the different perspectives represented, as well as the impact of events, people and places that shaped the world at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Cost: $16.50 per student (including GST)

For enquiries and bookings contact the museum.

Risk assessment

Download the risk assessment guide to assist you in the planning for your school's visit to the museum.

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