HIST109 - The Making of Australia

HIST109 - The Making of Australia

AHM Object List

The following list of objects, ephemera and materials have been identified as useful primary sources relating to topics covered in HIST 109 The Making of Australia.

This list is neither complete nor exhaustive but will provide some direction in locating relevant primary source materials. Students are encouraged to use the Australian History Museum Collection (MCM) database for additional sources.

**All objects, ephemera and materials must be used and examined within** the Australian History Museum.

WEEK 1: Imaging Australia

Object name: Document kit
Description: From Cato St to Botany Bay, Convict Case Studies. From material in the Archives office of NSW)
Object name: Map
Description: convict stations and establishments in Van Diemans Land
Object name: Map
Description: Foriestier's and Tasman's peninsula's VDL: Convict Discipline in NSW & VDL
Object name: Nail
Description: 7.5cm convict-forged nail from St Matthews church Windsor built by Francis Greenway

WEEK 2: Legends of the Land

Object name: Newspaper facimilie
Description: The Mining record & Grenfell General advertiser 15/6/1867
Object name: Photograph
Description: NSW Redfern Railway Station (1890 - 1910)
Object name: Postcard
Description: Postcard No 2 steam locomotive 0446 class, Engine No 452 (ran 59 yrs on NSW Railways c.1890's)
Object name: Postcard
Description: Postcard No 4 four horse omnibus, Railway Station, Sydney 1895
Object name: Postcard
Description: 15 x 10.5 cm colour Zig-Zag Railway 1873 by Conrad Martens
Object name: Map
Description: Railway river Murray & Encounters Bay Railway, 1850
Object name: Print
Description: 21.4cm x 14.5cm colour reproduction 'a railway pier in Melbourne' engraver unknown c. 1880. Shows people, ships, trains etc.

WEEK 3: The Language of Liberty

Object name: Book Vols I, II
Description: 'A Colonial Experience Swan River 1839 - 1888' from the Diary and Reports of Walkinshaw Cowan
Object name: Map
Description: Colonial Revenue Report (inset of NSW) 1830
Object name: Map
Description: Disposal of Colonial Lands 1836
Object name: Pamphlets
Description: Colonial Life Welfare Department, 1922

WEEK 4 & 5: Making a Commonwealth

Object name: Handbill
Description: 15 x 26cm 'State precession of the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York' for Federation celebration procession, 1901
Object name: Invitation
Description: Inaugural celebrations for Federation by NSW Govt.
Object name: Medal
Description: Federation medal 2.3cm diameter, bronze
Object name: Pamphlet (photocopy)
Description: Progress: Country Women's Association of NSW - excerpts 1922 - 37
Object name: Postcard
Description: 8.6 x 13.8cm pained floral embossed in glitter - 'Souvenir Women's Work 1907'

WEEK 6: Less Than Citizens

Object name: Cartoon
Description: 'A curiosity in her own country' Aboriginal woman with baby being stared at by whites
Object name: Print 
Description: 21.3 x 15 colour reproduction, 'South Brisbane from the Nth Shore, Moreton Bay' by Thomas Baines, 1855
Object name: Postcard
Description: Rose series W.20 postcard with sepia photo of 7 'Aboriginals' one in WW1 AIF uniform

WEEK 7: Working

Object name: Drawing
Description: B & W, women and child factory workers c 1900
Object name: Recipe Book
Description: 'Cookery Book of Good & Tried Recipes' Compiled for the women's missionary association sale and exhibition, Sydney
Object name: Book
Description: Vol 1. 'Ladies Handbook of Home Treatment' - containing the best modern methods for treatment of women's and children's diseases

WEEK 8: Playing

Object name: Magazine
Description: Bell's Life in Sydney and Sporting Chronicle 05/10/1887
Object name: Booklet
Description: JJ Miller's sporting Pamphlet and Official Trotting Record, 1888

WEEK 9: Praying

Object name: Information Sheets & Brochures
Description: nine brochures on Aboriginal Art, Music, Sculpture & Carving, Bark Paintings, Rock Art, Weapons, Languages etc
Object name: Booklets
Description: Addresses illuminating the influence of Religion in life, given in St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney by SM Johnstone
Object name: Booklet
Description: Observations for the Guidance of Ministers of Religion relative to the celebration and registration of marriages
Object name: Census
Description: Census of the Commonwealth of Australia 30th June, 1933 Part XVI Religion

WEEK 10: Dissident voices

Object name: Audio Tape
Description: 'Keep the home fires burning' music and songs of the first world war from old phonograph cylinders
Object name: Cartoon
Description: 25.3 x 29.9cm photographic reproduction b/w WW1 anti-conscription poster written by Henry E Boote
41001338Object name: Newspapers (facimilies)
WWII Newspapers:
- Daily Mirror 4/9/39
- Daily Express 9/11/39
- Daily Sketch 10/4/40
- Evening Standard 10/5/40

WEEK 11: New Australians?

41001762Object name: Booklet
Description: 'English on the Way, A Shipboard Course for New Australians' 136 pp. Prepared for the Department of Immigration by Commonwealth Department of Education, 1955.

WEEK 12: Reinventing the nation

41001944Object name: First Day Cover
Description: Envelope with 45c stamp on first day cover with montage of Mary Lee Portrait and 1970's women's liberation photograph
Object name: Photographs
Description: Graffiti reflecting the anarchic elements of Sydney's women's liberation movement
42000330Object name: Photograph
Description: Women demonstrate for liberation at the Sydney International Women's Day march, 1975.
42000127Object name: Photograph
Description: Women's liberation protestors storm the roof at the Bidura Shelter for girls in Glebe, 1974

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