Indian Voices Student Experience Resource

Indian Voices Student Experience Resource

Indian Voices Project Heading
Sikhsha Ka Anubhav: Indian Student Educational Experience Resource

The Indian Student Educational Experience Resource is a collection of oral histories that complements the objects and themes of the Australian History Museum, while also offering students and teachers a practical resource to facilitate learning. The focus for the inter-disciplinary learning and teaching resources is to encourage the development of cultural awareness and sensitivities throughout the Macquarie University student community by supporting the integration of international and intercultural perspectives into the student learning experience.

The resource is designed to offer maximum flexibility to all disciplines for creative use in both learning and teaching and research activities.

Video interviews

Section one

Participant background and context.

Section two

Knowing your students - how did they get here?

Section three

The good and bad of university study in Australia.

Section four

Relationship between educational experiences and career.

Section five 

What would you change?

Section six

Student learning experience: word association task.

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