Show Mercy postcard

Show Mercy postcard

Title: 'Show Mercy' postcard advertising an event in support of refugees and asylum seekers

Date: 2002, pre April 21st.

Dimensions: 151mm x 101mm x 1mm

Material: Ink on cardboard

Provenance: Sydney, Australia. Created by Mambo graphics.

Description: This postcard was produced to advertise an event in support of asylum seekers and refugees. The front of the card consists of an illustration resembling a church stain glass window. The text reads; 'Show Mercy, Australians welcome the boat people'. In the centre is a man with three eyes, wearing a cape, riding a white horse. A dog is seated next to the horse. In the background are two of Sydney's iconic landmarks; the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. To the left of the image is a beach and two vessels of asylum seekers.

The back of the card contains information on the event titled; Show Mercy, taking place at; Sydney Town Hall, Sunday April 21st 2002 from 4:30-7pm, prices; tickets for $25/$15 Conc + booking fee.

At the bottom are the details of the event organizers: Rights Campaign for Asylum Seekers, and event supporters; Australians for Just Refugees Program, Amnesty International, Labor for Refugees and Mambo.

Significance: This object represents the support for refugees in contemporary Australia. In spite of views of these supporters exclusive policies and measures are being implemented by the Australian government towards refugees and asylum seekers including the use of detention centres and the current operation sovereign borders which sees refugee vessels being towed back to where they came.

Objects like these remind us of the peril faced by those fleeing their country and the importance of their ethical treatment regardless of your political views. This object should be viewed as a reminder that Australians have the right to ask questions regarding government actions on their behalves and have the right to voice their opinions whether it be in agreement or disagreement.

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