One Nation party flyer

One Nation party flyer

One Nation party flyer

Title: Pauline Hanson's One Nation party flyer

Date: Circa 1998

Dimensions: 210 mm x 296 mm x 1mm

Material: Ink on paper

Provenance:  Manly, Sydney, NSW. Henry Mayer Trust Donation

Description: Pauline Hanson's One Nation political party flyer. A black and white poster with an image of Pauline wrapped in an Australian flag on the left and text with details of the party's policies on the right.

Initially a Liberal party member in 1994, Hanson was elected as an independent member for the seat of Oxley in the 1996 federal elections. She then founded the One Nation party in April 1997 in Ipswich QLD. The party's protectionist policies were often considered as racist and discriminatory against Asian immigration and multiculturalism. Hanson is known for her continued use of words like 'swamped' when describing Asian migration to Australia. Robyn Spencer, founding member of the AAFI (imbed link to AAFI object page) became Hanson's Immigration policy spokesperson, both women were famously outspoken in their beliefs that multiculturalism should be abolished and that Australia needed protection from undesirable levels of Asian migration. Hanson gathered support in regional Queensland, winning 11 of 79 seats in the 1998 QLD state elections. In the 1998 federal elections the One Nation party received almost 1 million votes securing a seat in the senate.

One Nation party's immigration policies:

-Zero net immigration, admitting 30 000 migrants a year claiming 'there is no justification for population growth in Australia'. Representative of the 'we're full' mentality.

- Immigration intake should be non-discriminatory 'on condition that it did not alter ethnic and cultural make up of the country'. Perpetuating the ideal of 'White Australia'.

- Refugees treated with compassion but temporary refuge need not extend to long term permanent settlement, providing refuge only until the problem in nation country is resolved. This perspective would become influential, existing in current political rhetoric.

In 2003 Hanson was jailed for election fraud, and was acquitted after serving a few months in prison. Hanson has continued running for public office since her release from prison as an independent and as a One Nation party member. For her divisive and hypocritical attitude towards migrants and refugees, Hanson remains a prominent political figure in the media.

Significance: This object represents xenophobic and racist perspectives which were dispensed throughout Australia from the mid 1990s. Hanson had confused multiculturalism with public policies, spreading the false claims that abolishing multiculturalism would save tax payers billions. The One Nation flyer highlights the need in contemporary Australian society for a greater understanding of cultural diversity. A counter movement soon followed with support from Chinese and Vietnamese communities; the Unity party, a multiculturalist political party, was created in 1997 to oppose One Nation.

Text transcription:

Pauline Hanson's One Nation: the voice of the people

Our immediate goals:

To stop all immigration except that related to investment until all Australia's unemployment is solved.

To treat all Australians equally ad abolish divisive and discriminatory policies, such as those related to aboriginal and multicultural affairs.

To restrict foreign ownership of Australia, repeal Native Titles Act, abolish ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Commission) and reverse WIK (high court case decision regarding native titles).

To restore tariff protection, revitalise Australian manufacturing and initiate financial support for small business and rural sector.

To take position action on such matters as taxation reform, education, health, unemployment, crime and the discrimination created by political correctness.

Help us help you

To request membership information and make credit card donations please phone: 1 902 920 001

This is a fully automated service that will allow you to leave your name and address.

We will then post you a Membership Application form.

Or, if you wish to make a donation, please post donations to: PO Box 2000 Manly NSW 2095

One Nation membership forms and Pauline's speeches are available on the internet.

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