Advance Australia Fairly postcard

Advance Australia Fairly postcard

Title: Advance Australia Fairly postcard featuring Tuong Quang Luu

Date: 2002

Dimensions: 151mm x 101mm x 1mm

Material: Ink on cardboard

Provenance: created by Avant card in partnership with the Anti-Discrimination board of NSW.

Description: A postcard, on the front of the card are two images of Tuong Quang Luu; in the background is a large image of him as a young man and in the foreground on the bottom right corner is an image of him at a mature age captured with an SBS radio microphone. On the right side of the postcard is an orange strip with vertical text: 'Advance Australia Fairly'.

The back of the card resembles a common postcard consisting of a large section on the left to include text and a smaller section on the right to write a postal address. It includes a brief description of Tuong Quang Luu's life and accomplishments at the top left. Summary: A Vietnamese refugee, Mr. Luu was head of SBS Radio at the time of this campaign in 2002. He had previously been State Director of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. Mr Luu was named Australian achiever of the year in 2002 and appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia that same year.

At the bottom left corner is information on the Advance Australia Fairly campaign which has created postcards to highlight the contribution made to NSW by people from a variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Significance: This object illustrates divers nature of contemporary Australian society created by the benefit of multiculturalism. It showcases the immense contribution migrants can provide their new society. It reinforces open-mindedness, inclusivity and compassion.

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