National Archives of Australia

This website assists in the search for servicerecords and other information regarding soldiers of WWII (and other periods), including Prisoner of War details.

Australian War Memorial

This website provides general information about POWs in WWII, the different areas of captivity and the conditions.

Modern History Department, Macquarie University

Details on courses, lectures and specialists in WWII history.

Returned and Services League of Australian

The RSL sponsored the exhibit, and sponsor similar projects elsewhere. They provide information about the veteran
community and the commemoration and remembrance of those who have served.

Board Of Studies, NSW

Details on Modern History Curriculum involving WWII history.

2/18th Battalion (A.I.F.)

The official website of the 2/18th Battalion (A.I.F.) Association (formed in 1946 to formalized the camaraderie of the men who left together (or joined up later), gave their lives and those that returned safely, and to this day still meets monthly) that pays tribute through historical and recent accounts, photos, diary, newsletters, books (including corrections) and is used as a focal point for members, families, friends and research.

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