About the exhibit

About the exhibit

The images and objects featured in this exhibit relate the story of migration to Australia; the infusion of diverse ways of doing, knowing, and seeing that has helped Australia transform society and culture. In turn Australia has affected those who have migrated to these shores.

Impacts included the visual vitality of Australian Indigenous cultural representations and the vastness and 'otherness' of the continent when compared to their own backgrounds. Some of these impacts are highlighted in the oral histories, collected by Vicki Michaels for this exhibit.

The display also highlights the provincial nature of dominant society in Australia until at least the middle of the 20th Century. The policies of assimilation were issues of concern endured by both Indigenous first peoples and the influx of migrant populations. Further information about these objects and the museum's collection is available online or by phone on: (02) 9850 8870.

"The migrant does not arrive once and for all but continues to arrive, each new situation demanding a new set of responses, almost a new identity."
(From: Paul Carter, Living in a New Country: History, Travelling and Language, London and Boston: Faber & Faber, 1992; p.3)

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