Australian History Museum

Australian History Museum

The Australian History Museum is unique in both its collection and its usage. We hold a vast collection numbering over 14,000 items reflecting Australia's history from pre-colonization to today. Our temporary and permanent exhibits showcase a sample of the significant collection, and is available for general public and group viewing.

The Museum offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the vast range of objects and sources amongst its collection as a hands-on experience of Australia's social history. We invite you to visit the Australian History Museum and discover this fascinating and enlightening collection for yourself.


What's new

  • We have moved across campus to Y2, 13 Hadenfeld Ave.
    New location
  • 1950s TableclothOur 1950s Tablecloth depicting frontier violence was featured in ABC's RN Drive in a recent interview with Dr Alison Holland. Listen to the full broadcast and find out what makes this tablecloth so fascinating.

Online exhibitions

Online database

The Australian History Museum Collection holds over 10,000 items relating to Australia’s history. This database has been created to facilitate use of the Australian History Museum Collection by students, teachers, researches and the community.  Search the database

Unit object list

List of objects, ephemera and materials identified as useful primary sources relating to topics covered in history units. See object lists


Access to the collection

We no longer have items on display - as we now prepare for the move.

You can arrange an appointment to access the collection up until the end of October 2019. To book access to the collection please or (02) 9850 8870.

From November 2019 the collection will be in-accessible for the packing, move and unpacking period (into the first half of 2020).

In 2017 the collection moved to a temporary location, 13 Hadenfeld Ave, Y2 Museum Building, Macquarie University. If you have an urgent request or would like to know more please email the museum manager at


Contact us


13 Hadenfeld Ave, Macquarie University NSW 2109


+61 (2) 9850 8870


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