Private Accommodation

Private Accommodation

Accommodation FrontpagelistingMacquarie Private Accommodation website is an online browsing service for private off-campus accommodation exclusively to Macquarie University students and staff. Accommodation listings are provided by other students, people in the community and also real estate agents.



Students looking for accommodation are strongly advised not to send any money to try and secure short term accommodation before arriving in Sydney. Students should also view the premises in person before paying a deposit to secure the short term accommodation. If unsure, please seek advice by contacting Macquarie University Accommodation Services.

  1. Never give money to a landlord when you haven't personally seen the property
  2. Do not pay deposits or send money before you have personally seen the room/property
  3. Never pay money through a funds transfer to someone you don't know
  4. Do not trust emails that say: "pay money and I will have the keys delivered to you"

See the following websites for details of various Scams: Department of Fair Trading: Report a Scam website.


Please be advised that there have been reports of a scam email circulating which has been targeting our Accommodation Providers. If you are concerned that you have been contacted or would like us to confirm whether a potential tenant is a registered Macquarie University student, please contact our office.

See the following websites for details of various Scams and how to report a scam if you have been targeted: Department of Fair Trading: Report a Scam website.

Contact us if you require assistance with private accommodation in Sydney, or please visit Tenancy and Renting issues.

Renting Private Accommodation

Finding a rental property in Sydney can be difficult and even confusing. Our Renting Private Accommodation Guide in PDF format (size: 622kb) may assist you with help to find a rental property.

When sharing a property the same rules may not apply to you if you are not the actual lease holder of the premises. Our Sharing Accommodation Guide in PDF format (size: 611kb) provides you with information you need to find share accommodation.

Please also check out Tenants NSW Tenants Rights and Macquarie Private Accommodation FAQ page for further information on tenant's rights and responsibilities.

The 2020 International Student Guide offers a useful comparison of different accommodation options (p. 11). This guide also provides checklists to help you find suitable accommodation and to furnish your new home.

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