Reserve & online unit readings

Reserve & online unit readings

The Library’s Unit Readings service is open to all teaching staff to ensure reading materials are available to Macquarie University students in a timely manner.  To meet copyright and licensing obligations, copied book chapters and journal articles must be managed by the Library rather than uploaded directly to iLearn.

A new reading list management system, Leganto, is available to all units taught in iLearn, and is currently being implemented in all Faculties.  The Library intends to transition all Units to Leganto by 2020, in step with the curriculum transformation, and will provide additional support for migrating existing iShare lists to Leganto.

If you have not used Leganto before or would like more information, please see our guide.

Closing date for reading lists created in Leganto or sent to

Session 3 2019: Monday, 4 November, 2019

NOTE: Reading lists received after these dates may not be processed for the beginning of Session. The Library requires a number of weeks to purchase new resources.

Reading lists

Reading lists can be created in Leganto anytime, anywhere. Past reading lists in Leganto will be rolled over for the current teaching session by the Library and convenors will receive a notification from the system.

To request new materials for purchase, please ensure these items are added to the reading list at least six weeks before they are required for teaching.

Reading list items can be placed on:

  • Items for the Reserve collection – the 3-hour loan area of the Library for prescribed and high demand items. Use the  'Add to Reserve Collection' tag in Leganto to indicate which readings should be moved to this collection.
  • Journal articles and book chapters – digitised unit readings will be put into the University's designated repository and subscribed resources will be linked to in our online databases.
  • All other resources relevant for the unit.

Reading lists can be created in Leganto or sent to the Library ( as a Word document.

If sending your list via email, please ensure:

  • the list is in weekly or topical format (this allows prioritised processing)
  • items to be placed in the Reserve collection are marked with an asterisk (e.g. * Mountain Men, Cubit & Haygarth 2018)

Reserve collection

The Reserve collection contains the most recent editions of textbooks and other hardcopy items.

For Textbooks

Textbooks can be added to your reading list in Leganto and identified with the 'Add to Reserve Collection' tag.

If you only set prescribed textbooks and do not require a reading list, please email your textbook title(s) to at least six weeks before session begins so that we can ensure adequate copies are ordered and placed in the Reserve collection.

For Private Copies

Academic staff may provide a private copy of a book if the Library does not hold it. These private copies will be held in Reserve until the Library can purchase the necessary book.

Please bring your item/s to the Collection Point on Level 2 with a completed Unit Readings Cover Sheet.

Audio visual

We can provide DVDs/videos, including video streaming, for use in lectures/classes.

To make a request, use the DVD or streaming video request form.

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