Reserve & online unit readings

Reserve & online unit readings

The Library’s Unit Readings service is open to all teaching staff to ensure reading materials are available to Macquarie University students in a timely manner.  To meet copyright and licensing obligations, copied book chapters and journal articles must be managed by the Library rather than uploaded directly to iLearn.

A new reading list management system, Leganto (see below), is available to any Unit in the Faculty of Arts and specific Departments across campus, with the possibility for use in other Units.

Existing services for Reserve and online Unit readings (iShare) are still being supported.

Closing date for reading lists created in Leganto or sent to

Session 2 2019: Monday, 24 June, 2019
Session 3 2019: Monday, 4 November, 2019

NOTE: Reading lists received after these dates may not be processed for the beginning of Session. The Library requires a number of weeks to purchase new resources.

Reading lists

Reading list items can be placed on:

  • Reserve - 3 hour loan area of the Library for essential and high demand items.  (The Reserve collection contains the most recent editions of textbooks and other hardcopy items, with copies of earlier editions retained elsewhere in the Library).
  • Online unit  readings (These will be put into the University's designated repository for online journal articles and book chapters.)

Email your reading list or unit outline as a word document to:

Lists should:

  • Show correct bibliographical information
  • Be arranged in weekly course delivery order
  • Indicate with a single asterisk any items intended for Reserve or online unit readings.
    Eg: * Mountain Men, Cubit & Haygarth 2015

If the reading list does not have (*) we assume that nothing is required for Reserve or online unit readings.

Unit Readings - Leganto

Since Session 2, 2017 the Library has undertaken a project to evaluate and implement a new reading list management system called  Leganto. Leganto is a cloud-based platform that enables unit convenors, students and librarians to collaborate in the creation, management and evaluation of reading lists. Further information on the project can be found in this document.

Benefits of Leganto:

  • Reading lists are easy to create, annotate, manage and update
  • Flexible layout allows lists to be organised by week, topic, or theme
  • Easy inclusion of multimedia, web resources, blogs and other media types
  • Integration with MultiSearch providing a simple workflow for adding library resources
  • Students can actively engage with the reading list by ‘liking’, commenting on, and suggesting additional readings

For detailed information see the Leganto Reading Lists for Instructors guide.

Leganto is currently available to any unit in the Faculty of Arts and specific Departments across campus, with the possibility for use in other units. To register your interest please email

Longer term, the Library plans for Leganto to be one of its strategic initiatives supporting teaching and learning at Macquarie University. In future sessions the Library will work with more units to make their reading lists available in Leganto. For non-Leganto units, reading lists will continue to be maintained in iShare (Equella), which also serves as a central repository for shared Learning & Teaching resources.


For books

  • For faster processing of books for Reserve bring them directly to the Collection point, level 2, Library.
  • Please supply a Unit code for all books needed in Reserve
  • Alternatively, we will source the books if you provide an annotated reading list.
  • Books can also be requested using the Request Form

For online articles and chapters

The Library manages the University repository for online material.

For private copies

Academic staff may provide a private copy of a book if the Library does not hold it. These private copies will be held in Reserve until the Library can purchase the necessary book.

Please bring your item/s to the collection point on level 2 with a completed Unit Readings Cover Sheet. (pdf)

Audio visual material

Use of DVD/video

Under the licence between Macquarie University and Screenrights, staff and enrolled Macquarie students are able to bring DVDs/videos and other material from home to use for research or study. This includes recordings from television or radio that have been made at home.

Staff and students must follow copyright procedures outlined in the Conditions of Use for Off-Air Broadcasts of Radio and Television Programmes

Request a DVD/Video for class use

We can provide DVDs/videos, including video streaming, for use in lectures/classes. 
Contact us to make a requests.

Past Readings

Items in the database are given expiry dates. This allows us to effectively manage copyright and ensures that the documents made available are current and relevant.

If you wish to reactivate an expired document, call 7551 or email We will provide you with a complete list of the material associated with your Unit, and you can then tell us which documents you require.

Contact us

Ian Argent (Arts/FBE) 
Karthik Babu (Human Sciences / Sciences)

Collections & Content Development, 
Level 5
Macquarie University Library
Call: 9850 7551 

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