Background information

Background information

When looking for background information or overview literature on a topic the following resources are useful starting points:

Reading lists

Recommended readings and references compiled by a Unit Convenor. The list may consist of journal articles, book chapters, books, video recordings, maps or references to an Internet address or web site.


Including textbooks, handbooks and manuals, reports, conference proceedings, and government documents. Use book indexes to look for possible keywords to add to your list of search terms.


Comprehensive works containing information on all branches of knowledge. Usually arranged alphabetically, encyclopaedias give an overview of each subject with definition, description, explanation, history, statistics and bibliography.

Searching tips

Search for encyclopaedias in MultiSearch by typing a subject area and "encyclopaedia" in the search box, e.g. religion and encyclopaedia. Set Quick limits to Reference and Search type to Keyword boolean. Try the same search using the alternate spelling "encyclopedia".

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