Strategic Publishing

Strategic Publishing

Strategic publishing: Choosing outlets for your research

The publication of findings from academic research is an integral part of the scholarly landscape.

Publishing strategically will maximise the exposure of your research and increase your chances of generating impact in your chosen discipline.

A wise strategy is supported by informed decisions about an outlet prior to publication. Ask questions about the outlet, search for information from the broader community and then check the validity of the outlet’s operations.

The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the Library have identified four crucial considerations for choosing a publication outlet:


To help make informed decisions before publishing and addressing these four criteria, Macquarie University Library has developed the RV2 checklist (pdf) to assist with selecting appropriate peer-reviewed journals.

Think. Check. Submit. provide another checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.

As the scholarly publishing industry undergoes enormous change, even established and experienced authors need to ask questions and check the most up-to-date information on a publisher.

By doing your due diligence, you can avoid signing away your rights to a disreputable publisher, damaging your reputation (and the University’s) and wasting time on research that will not be eligible for the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation.

When you have invested many months or years thoroughly researching and writing your scholarly work, make sure you also scope for publication outlets that will maximise the exposure of your research.

For further assistance contact:

  • Your supervisors, mentors, colleagues and relevant associations
  • Your Faculty’s research office for any Faculty specific advise or guidelines
  • Your Faculty’s Research or Clinical Librarian

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