Database trials

Database trials

What's on trial?

The Library regularly trials electronic resources and databases throughout the year. You can help us make decisions about what databases we purchase by participating in these trials and providing feedback to us.

We are interested in response time, journal coverage, percentage of full text articles, design of interface, ease of printing and downloading. Your assistance in evaluating new electronic resources is greatly appreciated.

Please note that in some cases you will need to contact a Research Librarian for a username and password to access the database trial. Currently subscribed databases

Current Database Trials

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online provides access to a large number of scholarly editions of material written between 1485 and 1901, plus Roman and Greek authors, including all of Shakespeare’s plays, the writings of Aeschylus, Austen, Plato, Ovid, and Virgil, the poetry of John Donne, and works by Adam Smith and Jeremy Bentham. The digital presentation of the editions enables readers to search across the texts in a simple and easy way: navigate using familiar reference forms (Virg. Aen. 2.49 is a single search away), read texts and translations side by side and look up words in the Oxford Latin Dictionary with the dictionary widget.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ends on 31 March 2019

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Recently Trialled

Elgar advanced introductions to law online

This law collection provides introductions to major fields in Law. The aims of the series are two-fold; to pinpoint essential principles of a particular field and to offer insights that stimulate critical thinking. The volumes, re-organised in a concise form, serve as accessible introductions for undergraduate and postgraduate students coming to the subject for the first time and extend the understanding of advanced students, scholars and policy-makers.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 13 February 2019

NewsBank: local image edition

NewsBank provides a collection of news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. The major newspapers included are the Australian, the Age, the Sunday Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 5 January 2019

Energy Online

Energy online provides books and journal articles in the energy area. The content, updated annually, covers a range of energy topics related to science, architecture, economics and politics.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 31 December 2018

BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool for health professionals worldwide. It provides fast and easy access to the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion in a single source, including differential diagnosis tables, treatment algorithms, videos of common clinical procedures, integrated evidence from Cochrane Clinical Answers, over 250 medical calculators and more.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 16 November 2018

Australian Manual of Scientific Style

The Australian Manual of Scientific Style (AMOSS) is for anyone who writes about science or technical matters, or who edits scientific and technical documents. It brings together information on scientific writing, style and design, to support the presentation of clear and correct scientific communication. The scientific styles are based on primary international and Australian sources, wherever possible, and these are shown at the start of relevant subsections of Editing.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 18 October 2018

Wiley Digital Archives - The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

Wiley Digital Archives is a continuous program of new databases comprised of historical primary sources, digitised from societies, libraries and archives around the world, and made accessible in ways that tie to research outcomes and educational goals. All archives are cross-searchable, and contain tools for searching, browsing, analysing and visualising primary source content.

Access: Available both on & off campus

Trial ended on 31 August 2018

Political extremism & radicalism in the twentieth century

Political extremism and radicalism in the twentieth century is a compilation of full text archival collections covering a wide range of fringe political movements. It includes periodicals, campaign propaganda, government records, oral histories, and various ephemera. The collections cover a period of just over a century (1900s to 2010s) when the world saw the formation of several civil rights movements for the rights of minorities, women's rights, and gay rights. It also encompasses the rise and fall of a number of peripheral groups deemed ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’ by contemporaries, such as anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-war, communist or socialist, creationist, environmentalist, hate, holocaust denial, new left, survivalist, white supremacist, and white nationalist.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 31 August 2018


AccessMedicine is an online medical resource. Updated continuously and compatible with mobile devices, AccessMedicine provides medical students with resources needed to excel in basic science studies and clerkships, helps residents, nurse practitioners and physician assistants with access to videos, self-assessment and medical textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point-of-care, and allows practising physicians to brush up on their medical knowledge to ensure the patient outcome.

Access: Available both on & off campus

Trial ended on 30 August 2018

Socialism on Film

This collection of films from the communist world reveals war, history, current affairs, culture and society as seen through the socialist lens. It spans most of the twentieth century and covers countries such as the USSR, Vietnam, China, Korea, much of Eastern Europe, the GDR, Britain and Cuba. This collection comprises of two modules: Module I : Wars & Revolutions and Module II: Newsreels & Cinemagazines.

Trial ended on 9 August 2018

Sage Research Methods Videos

SAGE Video is a platform for streaming higher education focused video that focuses on all aspects of the research process and hundreds of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. SAGE Video combines originally commissioned material with licensed videos in the areas including Education, Media & Communications, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Sociology, Business and Management, History, Technology and Geography.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 6 July 2018

Anatomy PALMs - Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules™, available on

Anatomy PALMs is an online adaptive tool that reinforces concepts mastered through the use of, powered by Primal Pictures. Anatomy PALMs consists of nine learning modules covering regional anatomy. The product is designed to adapt to the individual learner. Usage of Anatomy PALMs requires the creation of a user account. Please use your Macquarie University email address when creating a user account on the website.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 22 June 2018

Oxford Bibliographies in Communication

Oxford Bibliographies in Communication explores the ideas of communication; constant, varied, and complex transmission and exchange of information, knowledge, and ideas. It looks at how the extensive nature of communication means that efforts to study it span multiple epistemologies and methodologies. Also that, given the changing media landscape, scholars and professionals must constantly consider new content, technologies, processes and effects, and theories of communication.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 3 June 2018

JoVE Science Education

JoVE Science Education is a video library for teaching scientific fundamentals through video demonstrations.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 16 May 2018

Screen Studies

Screen Studies is an online database that contains a collection of award-winning screenplays, critical and contextual books on film from the late nineteenth century to the present, and an interactive timeline of cinema history.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 8 May 2018

Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Acland anatomy provides narrated videos of real cadaver specimens.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 2 May 2018

The Left Index

The left index is a guide to the literature of the left, with an emphasis on political, economic, social and culturally engaged scholarship inside and outside academia. It includes citations, abstracts and some full text dating back to the early 20th century, with historical content between the 17th and 19th centuries. Early Left publications such as the 19th century writings of William Godwin and early 20th century issues of Morning Star, along with classic texts by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Engels, are covered.

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 1 May 2018

HSTalks Business & Management Collection

The Business & Management Collection contains specially commissioned, online lectures, case studies and case study interviews by leading experts in academia, industry and commerce. The collection is categorized into 6 broad subject areas (Finance, Accounting & Economics; Global Business Management; Management Leadership & Organizations; Marketing & Sales; Strategy; Technology & Operations).

Speakers are chosen based on their expertise and each talk is produced together with the speaker especially for the collection. The collection is reviewed and updated monthly and is presented in four different formats:
a) Traditional formal lectures with high quality graphics
b) Extended form case studies 
c) Bite-size case studies
d) Case Study Interviews

Access: Available both on and off campus

Trial ended on 16 March 2018

Exile Shorts

Exile Shorts streams award-winning short-form, student films and educational audiovisual content relevant to Film & TV, Media and Communications, Performance (Drama) and all Creative Arts students.

The catalogue includes titles from:

  • British Film Institute, American Film Institute, USC Cinematic Arts, University of Melbourne VCA, AFTRS, National Film Board of Canada.
  • The early work of filmmakers and artists like Alfred Hitchcock, Jane Campion, Ridley Scott, Gillian Armstrong, Norman McLaren and Salvador Dali; and
  • Films that have won majors awards at: The Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, TIFF, Berlin and more.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 10 December 2017


VisualDx is a diagnostic decision support system designed by clinicians to aid medical professionals in the diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases. It provides instant access to specialist knowledge at the point of care, merging medical images with concise clinical text. As the clinician enters actual patient findings, VisualDx creates a differential diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. VisualDx is a multi-use tool designed for day-to-day clinical diagnosis, emergency preparedness, and medical education. As a visual clinical decision support tool, VisualDx uses specific patient data to develop a visual differential diagnosis. The clinician enters patient symptoms and other clinical findings, such as lesion type, body location, medical history, medications, etc. With each entry, the system builds and refines the differential, never eliminating a diagnostic possibility but ranking each one by relevance to the patient findings. VisualDx displays images and key clinical information on all relevant diagnoses for a quick side-by-side comparison to the patient.

View training video here

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 05 December 2017

Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts

Northern Light's conference abstracts and posters collection provides a treasure trove of life sciences research information, often several years before that information is published in industry or academic journals. Search a full-text index of abstracts and posters from a large number of life sciences industry conferences from 2010-present. New conferences are added as the abstracts are posted.

View training video here

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 05 December 2017

Education magazine archive

An archive of magazines in the field of education, ranging from the early 20th to 21st centuries. The publications are aimed at teachers and other educational professionals and constitute valuable primary sources through which the evolution of educational policy, practice, and theory during this period may be delineated and interpreted. This content also pertains strongly to several related fields such as social history, psychology, and childhood studies.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 30 November 2017

AcademicFocus (from CNKI)

Academic Focus is a database of selected Chinese academic literatures that have been translated to English. These journals and conference proceedings cover subject areas that include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Astronomy, Metallurgy, Environment, Mine Industry, Architecture, Energy, Traffic, Electromechanics, Agriculture, Medicine, Public Health, Literature, History, Philosophy, Politics, Military Affairs, Law, Education, Social Sciences, Electronic Technology, Information Science, Economics and Management.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ends 30 November 2017

L'année philologique

L'Année philologique, published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, is a specialized bibliographic database of scholarly works relating to all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Its subjects are Greek and Latin literature and linguistics, including early Christian texts and patristics, Greek and Roman history, art, archaeology, philosophy, religion, mythology, music, science, and scholarly subspecialties such as numismatics, papyrology and epigraphy. L'Année philologique includes citations to journal articles and books, with abstracts in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 30 November 2017


AccessCardiology from McGraw-Hill Medical addresses current standards of care, research, and clinical trials through references from leading experts in the field of cardiology in areas such as interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. AccessCardiology seeks to bridge the gap between basic science and clinical applications for residents and fellows, and features reference capabilities for practicing cardiologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ended 30 November 2017

John Murtagh General Practice Collection

John Murtagh’s General Practice Collection comprises six products, including Murtagh’s General Practice 6e, considered a gold standard reference and publication for general practice and primary health care. Developed over 20 years, the content is written from the point of view of an experienced general practitioner, with John Murtagh’s diagnostic strategy model forming the backbone. The collection includes Murtagh’s Diagnostic Strategies, a diagnostic reference for general practitioners, and a tool for student revision for the Key Feature Problems component of the RACGP fellowship examination.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ended 30 November 2017

Ancient Commentators on Aristotle

The Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Series is an important scholarly project, which translates into English the principal works of the Neoplatonist commentators on Aristotle. The translation in each volume is accompanied by an introduction,commentary notes, bibliography, glossary of translated terms and a subject index.

Access: Available on campus

Trial ends 31 October 2017


AccessObGyn from McGraw-Hill Medical is used for obstetrics and gynecology reference and research. It contains fully searchable and complete content, including the latest edition of Williams Obstetrics. It features Clinical Pearls, presentations from both Williams Obstetrics and Williams Gynecology for study and group viewing. Also included are the latest clinical texts and surgical atlases in urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, fetal medicine (including fetology), a multimedia library, a collection of sonography videos and cases, and Williams animations.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ends 31 October 2017

AccessMedicine Case Files Collection

AccessMedicine Case Files Collection from McGraw-Hill Medical offers Case Files content in an interactive format. Updated regularly, it helps students learn and apply basic science and clinical medicine concepts in the context of realistic patient cases. The collection features the complete collection of basic science, clinical medicine, and post-graduate level cases from 23 Case Files series books (such as anatomy, pharmacology, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, ob/gyn, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery), and the personalised functionality to let users mark their progress through completed and unseen cases.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ends 31 October 2017

Rock’s Backpages

Rock’s Backpages provides rock reviews, articles and interviews from the late 1950s to the present day.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ends 18 October, 2017

AccessBiomedical Science          

AccessBiomedical Science from McGraw-Hill Education is a comprehensive online resource for students, faculty and researchers at the Masters or PhD level in Biomedical Science fields outside the usual medical track. Updated regularly, this specialized content covers the essential topics ranging from public health and pharmacology, to biomedical engineering, toxicology, neuroscience, bioinformatics, and more for easy reference, research, and review.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ends 30 September, 2017


AccessNeurology contains an ever-growing library of updated landmark neurology references (including Principles of Neural Science and Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology), as well as an extensive multimedia library of videos on neurologic examinations and EEG monitoring. Updated regularly, this comprehensive online neurology resource covers the entire spectrum of neurology from the basics to specialty-specific content -- optimized for viewing on any device.

Access: During the trial, access via a mobile device will require user registration.

Trial ended 30 September, 2017

Bloomsbury Popular Music

Updated twice a year, Bloomsbury Popular Music is an invaluable resource for students, academics and researchers in disciplines from music, ethnomusicology and the performing arts to media and communications, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology.

Access: available both on and off campus via IP address authentication.

Trial ended 31 August, 2017           

Statista provides users with an innovative and intuitive tool for researching quantitative data, statistics and related information.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 11 August, 2017


PsycTHERAPY is a database of streaming psychotherapy demonstrations featuring some of the most renowned therapists in North America working with participants on a host of therapeutic topics. This resource allows viewers to go straight to the heart of clinical practice with demonstrations of psychotherapy as it is done by today's leading practitioners. It is a resource for teaching and training in psychotherapy practice and for education about psychology.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ends 27 July, 2017

Washington Evening Star (1852-1981)

This online edition of the Washing Evening Star enables users to easily search and browse this major historical newspaper. This is one of the titles available individually within the fully integrated America's Historical Newspapers interface, this digital edition allows users to intuitively view, magnify, print and save page images. It provides a searchable facsimile of every page of every issue of the Star from its founding on December 16, 1852 to the day it ceased publishing on August 7, 1981. Chronicling nearly 130 years of American history, this valuable archive offers significant new research opportunities from the Antebellum Period to World War I to the Post-Vietnam Era.

Access: Access is available both on and off campus.

Trial ends 16 June, 2017

Nag Hammadi Bibliography Online

Discovered in Egypt in 1945, the Nag Hammadi texts have influenced the study of Gnosticism and early Christianity ever since. Brill’s Nag Hammadi Bibliography Online (NHBO) is a cross-searchable database of books, articles and reviews which contribute to the study of Gnosticism and early Christianity. With thousands of entries, the main objective of the NHBO is to facilitate the work and international collaboration of all scholars working in this field.  Includes the three Nag Hammadi Bibliography volumes by the late David Scholer.

Access: available both on and off campus via IP address authentication.

Trial ended 9 June, 2017 Upgrade: 3D interactive human anatomy powered by Primal Picture contains rotatable 3D models of the human body. The anatomy visuals are accompanied by three-dimensional animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics and surgical procedures. Clinical videos accompany the core three-dimensional anatomy data. All aspects of human anatomy are covered, systemic, regional and functional. Also included are common pathologies (including sports injuries), treatments (including surgery), radiological content, and interactive quizzes. New to this upgrade is the RT dissection Head and Neck update, giving students an excellent comparison between a model and a cadaver.

Access: available both on and off campus via IP address authentication.  Now using HTML 5 interface on 3D Atlas and Functional Anatomy instead of web player plugin.

Trial ended 19 May, 2017

Routledge History of Feminism

Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism is an online platform that brings together scholarship from Taylor & Francis through thematic collections in areas such as Feminism, the History of Economic Thought, Romanticism and Empire. This resource covers the subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century (1776–1928). It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays, and subject introductions on its structural themes: Politics and Law, Religion and Belief, Education, Literature and Writings, Women at Home, Society and Culture, Empire, and Movements and Ideologies.

Access: Available both on and off campus via IP address authentication

Trial ended 10 May, 2017


Paperpile is a web-based reference management software with special integration with Google Docs and Google Scholar. It is fully supported on Chrome for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. It is also known to run on the open-source Chromium browser. Since Paperpile uses advanced features of the Chrome platform, it is not available on other browsers. Paperpile can retrieve and store publication PDF files to the user's Google Drive account. It formats citations and bibliographies in Google Docs, which allows collaborative editing of academic papers.

Access: Access is available both on and off campus.

To access Paperpile -

  1. Use Chrome to login to with your preferred google account
  2. Install/enable the Paperpile Chrome Extension when prompted
  3. Trial site licences are configured under Cog icon | Settings | Account | Subscription | Activate site licence.
  4. Use your MQ email address to activate the trial licence.

Trial ended 27 April, 2017

Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1, 1718-1876

Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876 is an online collection of the 18th and 19th-century Caribbean newspapers covering colonial history, the Atlantic slave trade, New World slavery and US relations within the region. It is a primary resource for studying the development of Western society and international relations within this important group of islands. It chronicles the region's evolution across two centuries through eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, obituaries and other news items. Most of the newspapers in the collection were published in English, but a number of Spanish-, French-, and Danish-language titles are also provided.  It is a searchable database and contents can also be browsed by 'Places of Publication' and 'Newspaper Titles'.

Access: Access is available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 31 March, 2017

Engineering Village

Engineering village provides access to bibliographic databases of engineering research literature, including Compendex, such as journals, conference proceedings, books, article in press, dissertations, grant funding data and engineering standards) and patent information.

Access: On and off campus access for Macquarie University staff and students.

Trial ended 17 March, 2017


Knovel is an engineering decision-support solution that enables engineering students and researchers to solve engineering problems faster. Knovel provides interactive engineering tools that enable data analysis, and specialized data search and taxonomies that make it easy to discover answers to technical questions. Knovel features unique tables and databases, covering everything from mechanical to chemical properties data, corrosion data and material properties.

Access: On and off campus access for Macquarie University staff and students.

Trial ended 17 March, 2017

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967-Present Only) features as wealth of content covering traditional music, popular music and classical music. Updated monthly, the database includes coverage of relevant articles from thousands of journals, many of which are not specifically devoted to music.

In addition to journal articles, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (1967-Present Only) covers a variety of publication and media types including essay collections, conference proceedings, critical editions of music, digital media, dissertations, monographs, online resources, reference materials, reviews, and technical drawings of instruments. Sound recordings and motion pictures that present the results of scholarly research or fieldwork are also included.

Access: On and off campus access for Macquarie University staff and students.

Trial ends 17 March, 2017

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text includes approximately one million pages of full-text content from more than 200 periodicals (many of which are not available anywhere else online) from 50 countries in 40 languages, published from the early 20th century to the present. Most coverage commences with the first issue of the journal and includes cover-to-cover full text for every included title. Therefore, in addition to scholarly articles and reviews, the database includes obituaries, editorials, correspondence, advertisements, news items, and more.

Access: On and off campus access for Macquarie University staff and students.

Trial ended 17 March, 2017


SciVal is a solution that enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyze research trends. It offers an integrated modular platform that allows you to view and compare any desired research entities such as institutions, countries, self-defined research topics and researcher groups.

N.B. You can login using your Elsevier credentials to access SciVal.  If  you do not have one, please click here to register.

Trial ended 31 December, 2016

Thomson Innovation

Thomson Innovation is a database offering global patent content with new enhanced global patent authority (DWPI data), with comprehensive English language coverage across Asia. It provides editorially enhanced patent literature with the Derwent World Patent Index. Making this data available in a database form provides the user with the capability to search, analyse and collaborate efficiently.

Access: Before accessing the Thomson Innovation database trial you will first need to register using your Macquarie email address. Register via this link.

Trial ended 21 October, 2016

McGraw-Hill clinical sports medicine collection – ON TRIAL

The Clinical sports medicine collection includes the fourth edition of the Brukner & Khan's clinical sports medicine covering fundamental principles in sports medicine. In addition, 50 video on procedures such as footexamination, hip injections and basic biomechanical assessment are integrated within the text. Contents are searchable and links to video are also available for use.

Access: Access is available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 6 October, 2016

Science of Synthesis (SOS)

Science of Synthesis (SOS) provides critical review of the synthetic methodology developed from the early 1800s to-date for the entire field of organic and organometallic chemistry. The electronic version of Science of Synthesis gives access to the full-text methods and experimental procedures in the Science of Synthesis series (including up-to-date methods and special topics) and Houben-Weyl (PDFs with a text-searchable table of contents). It is a browser-based interface with search functionality and interactive table of contents. It is also a chemical information tool.

Access: Access is available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 30 September, 2016

China from Empire to Republic: Missionary, Sinology, and Literary Periodicals (1817 – 1949)

A collection of 17 English-language periodicals published in, or about, China during a period of over 130 years, extending from 1817 until 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded. This corresponds to the periods of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republican Era (1911-1949), when China experienced radical and often traumatic transformations from an inward-looking imperial dynasty into a globally engaged republic with modern approaches to politics, literature, education, public morality, and intellectual life.

Access: On and off campus access for Macquarie University staff and students.

Trial ended 30 September, 2016

Proquest Historical Newspapers – Black Newspapers

Proquest Historical Newspapers – Black Newspapers contains full text and full-image articles from African American newspapers: Atlanta daily world (1931-2003), Baltimore Afro-American (1893-1988), Chicago defender (1910-1975), Cleveland call & post (1934-1991), Los Angeles sentinel (1934-2005), New York Amsterdam news (1922-1993), Norfolk journal & guide (1921-2003), Philadelphia tribune (1912-2001), and the Pittsburgh courier (1911-2002). For most titles, the collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue, cover to cover, in downloadable PDF files.

Access: Both on and off-campus

Trial ended 19 September, 2016

APA Style Central - ON TRIAL

APA style CENTRAL is designed specifically to facilitate a mastery of APA Style. It provides the tools and instructional means for creating properly formatted citations and papers while also supporting learning throughout all stages of the research and scholarly writing processes, from idea generation to publication. It also provides tools to help students to create properly formatted reference and papers.

- Creates a personal account to access "Research" and " Write" modules on the APA Style Central platform.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 13 September, 2016

Biomedical & life sciences lectures (HSTalks)

The collection provides immediate access to online seminar style talks presented by many of the world’s leading experts (including a number of Nobel Laureates.) The speakers cover a range of topics in biomedicine and life sciences.

Access: Both on and off-campus

Trial ended 8 September, 2016


OnePetro is a unique online library of technical documents and journal articles for the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, providing access to over 160,000 items with contributions from 18 publishing partners.

Access: Both on and off-campus

Trial ended 31 August, 2016 – Financial Times online version

A digital replica of the printed Financial Times, is an international business and finance news web site that is associated with the London based financial newspaper, Financial Times. The website provides access to global news, multimedia, instant insight for comment and analysis as news unfolds. Contents are searchable and fully optimized with a wide range of phones and tablet devices.

Access: available both on and off campus.

Trial ended 31 August, 2016

Health and Psychosocial Instruments

This database is abstracted from hundreds of leading journals covering health sciences and psychosocial sciences. It provides information about behavioral measurement instruments, including those from Industrial Organizational Behavior and Education. Records contained in HAPI provide information on questionnaires, interview schedules, vignettes/scenarios, coding schemes, rating and other scales, checklists, indexes, tests, projective techniques and more.

Access: available both on and off campus

Trial ended 21 July 2016

Owned and developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, a source of engaging and inspiring content from leading engineers and technologist in academia and industry. A definitive collection of engineering video content worldwide, it features 24/7 access to more than 6500 videos of: seminar from select universities and research institutions worldwide, contents providing unique teaching and coursework material for lectures, interviews with leading experts from industry and academia, lectures and presentations from all major IET events and bite-sized content including news, product demonstrations and showcases.

Access: available both on and off campus via IP address authentication

Trial ended 15 July 2016

Treasury of Linguistic Maps

Treasury of Linguistic Maps presents linguistic maps selected from various atlases and other publications that have been published by De Gruyter Mouton and other De Gruyter imprints. All maps have been scanned in high-resolution and enriched with detailed metadata. Specific search functionalities include category and subdiscipline, language described in the map, geographical location and period described. Treasury of Linguistic Maps is a unique resource for visualized information on various topics in linguistics. The map interface allows zooming in on details, printing, and PDF export. The initial release version contains 2,000 enriched maps. Following the launch year there will be two updates a year with about 1,200 maps added each year. The updates will feature both rediscoveries from De Gruyter’s archives and material from new publications.

Trial ended 10 July 2016

Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library non-biblical texts

Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library non-Biblical texts database is the internet edition based on the Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library CD-ROM. Together with the Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library Biblical texts, all the texts and images of the Dead Sea Scrolls are available in their totality on the Internet. Both databases present a complete transcription and English translation of the Biblical text and the Non-Biblical text along with high resolution images.

Trial ended 13 July 2016

China academic journals - economics & management database

This collection provides full-text access to hundreds of core journals covering economics & management in general, economic reform, trade economy, tourism, enterprise economy, investment, market research and information, finance and tax, management science, market research and service economy, etc. All together, these journals allow users to get a complete understanding of China’s economical and social development, and support cross-disciplinary analysis.

Trial ended 6 July 2016


MethodsNow features step-by-step instructions for analytical and synthetic methods in areas like pharmacology, HPLC, food analysis, natural product isolation analysis and water analysis. Coverage includes synthetic preparations from highly respected journals, e.g. Organic Letters, Catalysis Letters, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, etc.

Access: To access Methodsnow, you will need to Register for a Scifinder account using your Macquarie University email address. You will then be sent an email with instructions for completing the registration process. After completing the registration, you can log in to Methodsnow using the "Trial Now" link on the right.

Trial ended 17 June 2016

Informit Edu TV

Informit EduTV is an online TV streaming resource for Australian tertiary institutions providing content across a range of learning areas including Business, Economics, Health, History, Indigenous studies, Legal studies, Media studies, Performing arts, Politics, Government, Religious studies, Science, Technology, Society, Culture, Visual arts and design. As well as significant documentaries, it also includes several programs broadcast on Pay TV channels such as The History Channel, National Geographic, NITV, BBC Knowledge and Discovery. Contents are  accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Trial ended 30 May 2016

Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities

Cabell’s is a searchable database of academic journals which indexed journals covering a wide range of disciplines providing detailed and vital submission information on peer reviewed journals. It is an independent platform which enables academics and researchers to evaluate and select the most appropriate outlets for their work. It includes information from topics characteristics, style/formatting guides, review process details and acceptance rate.

Trial ended on 2 May 2016

Film platform

Film Platform is an innovative collaboration between some of the leading filmmakers and sales agents around the world to bring the finest documentary films to an academic audience. The collection is meticulously curated by film experts and leading academics to showcase meaningful documentaries of social, political and cultural importance by some of the world’s top international filmmakers on a broad range of topics. In many cases, the films will be accompanied by a selection of study guides, as well as press kits, articles, and interviews with the filmmakers and their subjects.

Trial ended on 25 March 2016

Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, 3e

The third edition of this multi-volume Encyclopedia of Management is revised and updated to chart the major developments that have occurred in: digital technologies; ethics and governance-related issues; innovation; emerging markets; organisational networks; and new avenues of sustainable business growth. Access to online edition is via Wiley Online Library offering browsing by table of contents or articles by topic, as well as the ability to expand and follow references and view author indices.

Trial ended on 29 February 2016

HeinOnline - Animal studies: law, welfare, and rights

This is a collection of works related to the background and evolution of the basic rights of animal and is a new addition to HeinOnline. It features works on basic rights of animals, moral responsibility, evolution of animal rights, higher law rights for animals, animal rights movement, wildlife protection, and more. Access is via HeinOnline platform and contents are searchable and downloadable.

Trial ended on 31 January 2016

Global Health

Global Health is a bibliographic and full-text database of public health research and practice with specialty on community health and disease prevention, epidemiology, infectious diseases, nutrition & dietetics, parasitology and infectious diseases. It provides access to community and international level research information on various aspects of human health and disease including communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS), tropical diseases, parasitic diseases & parasitology - medical entomology, human nutrition, community & public health, as well as medicinal and poisonous plants. The majority of information is in the form of journal articles, however the database also includes information from conference proceedings, books and grey literature. Non-English language papers are translated. The database is hosted on OVID platform.

Trial ended on 6 November 2015


WestlawNext is an international online searchable legal research database providing full text access to case law, statutes, adminstrative materials, annotated reports, law reviews, current affairs, etc from Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, European Union. WestlawNext has an improved search engine and an iPad app.

Trail ended on 10 October 2015

SAGE video

SAGE Video is a platform for streaming higher education focussed video in the social sciences arena. SAGE Video combines originally commissioned material with licensed videos in the areas of Education, Media & Communications, and Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Trial ended on 24 July, 2015

Brill Chinese-English Dictionary Online

Brill's Chinese-English Dictionary Online offers a comprehensive resource for classical and medieval Chinese. This new online resource presents a practical lexicon of 8,300 characters, covering the period between 500 B.C. and 1000 C.E. The Dictionary assists users in interpreting historical characters as used in classic and contemporary texts and settings. Users can easily search this resource by the 140 base radicals and the number of added strokes.

Trial ended on 28 July, 2015

Science of Synthesis

Science of Synthesis is your online synthetic methodology tool for the most reliable chemical transformations available! It is the ONLY resource providing full-text reviews of organic and organometallic transformations as well as experimental procedures.

Written by chemists for chemists, SOS provides expert recommendations from over 1,750 contributors as well as unique insights into the scope and limitations of synthetic methods.

Trial ended on 31 July, 2015

SAGE Research Methods Datasets

SAGE Research Methods Datasets is a collection of teaching datasets that can be used to support the teaching and independent learning of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. These are datasets taken from larger national and international data sources, cleaned and reduced in size and complexity for teaching and self-study purposes, perfect for researchers learning a new method or brushing up on an old one.

Trial ended on 3 July, 2015

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