Book a computer

Located on level 2

Book a computer image

Presentation practice pods

Bookable for group study. Located on level 1


Laptop loans

24 hour loans on level 2

4 hour loans on level 3 (self service)


Quiet rooms

Bookable for individual study only. Located at the back of level 1

Library Facilities_Quiet Rooms

Laptop lockers

Located on level 2


Postgraduate study space

Located on level 3

Higher Degree Research study space

Located on level 5

Higher Degree Research study space

Print scan and copy

Location, costs and service details. How to print and copy

Print in the Library


Virtual reality space and 3D printing

Level 2 near Reserve

Meditation headband

Located on level 2


Self-guided tour (PDF)

View our collections, facilities and services at your own pace.

Library Self guided tour

For mobile access to our facilities and services use the libMQ app

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