Learning management system

Learning management system

What content can I make available on iLearn?

iLearn is the University's learning management system. Only certain material should be copied and placed on iLearn for use by students. Please note that where you have obtained direct permission from the copyright owner to use their material on iLearn, it is imperative that you label that material as being "used on iLearn with the direct permission of the copyright owner"

In all other cases, see below:

University Owned Material

All material that is original Macquarie material can be saved to iLearn provided that it is clearly labelled with "Copyright Macquarie University".

This includes all text material, images (photographs, drawings etc), video or audio files developed by University employees or under a contract that states that copyright in the material belongs to Macquarie University.

Material Licensed for Educational Use (e.g. Free for Education/Open Education Resources)

A copyright owner may decide that they want their material to be used for educational purposes. In this case, they will licence the material in a way that allows educational institutions to use the material without having to rely on special copyright exceptions or statutory licences. This will mean that your use of the material is dictated by the terms and conditions of the licence rather than copyright law.

Material that can be used for educational purposes is sometimes referred to as ‘free for education material’. A lot of free for education materials allow teachers and students to modify and share the material for teaching and learning. In this case, the material is categorised as ‘open education resources’ also commonly referred to as ‘OER’.

The most common source of free for education material and OER is Creative Commons (CC) licensed material. For further information on CC material, see the information sheet Practical Ways of Managing Copyright

All material licensed for educational use can be saved to iLearn provided that it is clearly labelled as being licensed for educational use with the name of the author/copyright owner, the title of the work and the type of licence it is available under.

It is important to check the licence terms to see whether there are any further labelling/attribution requirements. For example, all CC licences require any use of the material to include a link to the licence terms. For further information on how to attribute CC licensed material, see the following information sheet on the CC Australia website.

Journal Articles/Book Chapters

Teaching staff should not be making copies of journal articles or book chapters from Library databases to upload onto iLearn. Access to licensed articles or books should be provided by link.

If the article is not available through the Library, teaching staff should contact the Library's Collections and Content Development team and they will look into licensing the required material or, if this is not possible, making a scanned copy of the material available on iShare so that a link can be provided to that content from iLearn.

Website Content

Publicly available internet material is protected by copyright and should not be copied and saved to iLearn. Rather, a link should be provided by teaching staff to all relevant website material.

Some material can be embedded on iLearn. Embedding does not involve reproducing the material as it operates like a silent link. Due to this, embedded links are also a practical way of providing students with access to website material  on iLearn.

For more information on linking and embedding, please refer to the information sheet Practical Ways of Managing Copyright

Some websites allow material to be used for educational purposes. This permission is usually set out in the website's terms of use. It can however be tricky to interpret these terms and if you are unsure, send an email to copyright@mq.edu.au


Teaching staff can save digital sound recordings to iLearn for educational purposes. This is permitted under a national blanket licence with Australian music collecting societies. All copies must be from legitimate sources of music and must contain the following notice and information:


"This recording has been made by Macquarie University under the express terms of an educational licence between it, ARIA, AMCOS, APRA and PPCA and may only be used as authorised by Macquarie University pursuant to the terms of that licence"


  1. the title of each musical work;
  2. the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work; and
  3. if the recording is an ARIA sound recording, the artist/group name and the record company label


Teaching staff can save radio and television programs to iLearn for educational purposes under a licence contained in the Australian Copyright Act known as the Part VA licence.

The licence covers the following broadcasts:

  • any off-air TV or radio broadcasts (free-to-air and pay TV channels); and
  • podcasts/webcasts of programs previously broadcast on a free-to-air channel.

It does not cover:

  • podcasts/webcasts of programs previously broadcast on a pay TV channel; and
  • pirate copies of broadcast content.

Broadcasts copied under the Part VA licence should be labelled with the name of the program, the broadcaster and the date that the copy was made. If the copy is a webcast or podcast of a previously broadcast program, the URL should also be included.

e.g. Copied under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968
'Foreign Correspondent', ABC, May 2014

e.g. Coped under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968
'Catalyst', ABC, https://www.youtube.com/user/ABCTVCatalyst, May 2014

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