Copyright for unit readings

Copyright for unit readings

Unit reading is an important tool that helps the University manage copyright.

The source of any material provided to the Library for inclusion into e-Reserve must be acknowledged.

Journal Articles

  • Any journal article provided must have the journal title, issue and volume number, year and ISSN. The page numbers should be clearly visible on the copy.
  • Only one article from an issue of a journal may be copied or communicated unless the articles are on the same subject matter.

Book Chapters

  • When providing pages from books or a book chapter, the title & author of the book, publisher, place of publication and ISBN must be stated. Only 10% or one chapter to be copied or communicated.

Unit Readings frequently asked questions

Why use Unit Readings?

Using Unit Readings will mean that the material that you provide to your student will be managed by the Library and stored centrally. Library staff are aware of copyright restrictions that apply to making materials available to students and can guide you through the process.

Why can't I put copies of book chapters and journal articles on my iLearn pages?

Unit Readings is the designated University repository for book chapters and journal articles which have been digitized so that they may be made available online. Copyright on this kind of material is best managed through a single repository as it protects the University and teaching staff from breaches. As a simple test, ask yourself "has this been published?". If the answer is "yes", the material should be managed through iShare and listed on Unit Readings..

Why can't I put journal articles from Library databases on my iLearn pages?

In most cases the licence agreement which the Library/University has with database providers explicitly prohibits taking a copy of an article from the database and storing it on a separate computer/server. Linking is possible in many cases, and Library staff can advise you about this.

Why can't I have 2 chapters from the same book on Unit Readings?

Maybe you can. The copyright limit for items on Unit Readings is 1 chapter, or 10%, whichever is greater. If multiple chapters are less than 10%, we will make multiple chapters available.

I want a book chapter on Unit Readings, but another Unit has a different chapter from the same book already on Unit Readings. Is this a problem?

Maybe. If we can make multiple chapters available we will, but copyright limits are relevant for the entire University, not individual Units, and it may not be possible to have your required chapter online if another Unit is already using a different chapter from the same work.

Can I have multiple articles from the same issue of a journal available on Unit Readings?

Maybe. If the articles are on a closely related topic, yes. You may also have multiple articles if the issue in question is a "special issue", or a thematic issue.

What if a book is out-of-print or out-of-copyright?

Library staff can determine if a work is out-of-print or out-of-copyright.  If it is out-of-print or out-of-copyright, the Library may be able to make more than 10% of the book available.

I am the author of a work. Can't I do what I want?

If you are the author of a work, and if you have retained the copyright for that work, you may probably do what you want. However, if your publisher holds the copyright for the published work there may be limitations.

Can a publisher give me permission to use more than the copyright limit?

Yes, as long as the publisher holds the copyright on the work in question. Library staff will be happy to help you with an appropriate wording for such a request if you wish to have the material placed on Unit Readings.

Where to go for help

Contact Ian Argent


Collections & Content Development, Level 5 
Macquarie University Library

Call: 9850 7551

Ian Argent, Team Leader (Arts/FBE)

Elaine Henderson, Team Leader (Human Sciences / Science)

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