Ordering process

Ordering process

Who can order?

The Library accepts order requests from Macquarie University academic and professional staff, as well as higher degree research (HDR), postgraduate and undergraduate students. This includes both on-campus and off-campus students.

Research Librarians are appointed to liaise with Faculties and Departments in the selection of Library material.

What should be included in the order?

Please include details for as many of the following fields as you can. This may mean your order is processed more quickly:

  • Title (required)
  • Author/Director (required)
  • Edition (if relevant)
  • Publisher
  • Date of Publication
  • ISBN
  • Price (if known)

Please ensure your name, email and Department are clearly indicated so we can process your order without delay.

Orders may be submitted to the Library in the following ways:

  • Email to lib.acqdep@mq.edu.au
  • By completing the Book purchase request form
  • Send publisher's catalogues, advance publication notices, slips from library suppliers, informal lists or bibliographies in the internal mail to: Manager, Collections & Content Development, Level 5, Library. Please annotate all mailed requests clearly with your name, email address and Department.

Other questions about the ordering process

How can I request a title be ordered urgently?

If you have an urgent order, mark your request "URGENT" to receive priority. Providing your email address will enable the Library to notify you when the item is received.

How do I know if my item has been ordered?

Once an item is ordered, the MultiSearch will show how many copies have been ordered and the date ordered in the Order Information field/line. For further information about your order, contact Collections & Content Development on ext. 6522

How will I know when my item has arrived in the Library?

When an ordered item has been received by the Library, but prior to cataloguing, the MultiSearch will show how many copies received and the receipt date.

If you have supplied your email address with the order, you will receive an email notification shortly after receipt.

How do I order Reserve material?

Course reading lists are to be directed to the Library's Collections & Content Development staff. If titles are not held, copies will be purchased.

How can I order multiple copies?

Multiple copies will only be considered if the items are textbooks for current Units. Please include information regarding the number of students enrolled in the course, course code and semester required with your request and forward it to Collections & Content Development staff.

How can I order a specific format?

Unless otherwise indicated, preference will be given to ordering the electronic format of books where possible. If you have a specific need for the print/physical format to be ordered, please indicate this on your request and the reason you require this format.

How do I order subscriptions (serials, journals, etc.)?

Please contact your Research Librarian if you are considering a subscription order.

How else can we help you?

The Library can assist with electronic alerts for newly published or soon to be published material. Many publishers also have their catalogues on the web. Please contact your Research Librarian for assistance with any of the above.

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