How to find a thesis

How to find a thesis

A thesis (plural = theses) or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. In some universities, the word thesis is applied to a bachelor's or master's course, while dissertation is normally applied to a doctorate.

Finding a Macquarie thesis

Macquarie University Library has Macquarie theses for PhD, Professional, Masters and selected Honours research. They exist in print format, microfilm format or digital format.

Print and microfilm format theses

Theses in print and microfilm formats are located in the Thesis Collection of the Library which is a restricted collection.

To find a Macquarie thesis - (print or microfilm format), search in MultiSearch. To search by topic area, use the "keywords (all of these)" search, type in your topic(s) and select the word Theses in the Quick Limit drop down box.

To locate "thesis-by-publication" that have been submitted to the Library, type "thesis by publication" (with quotation marks) in the search box on MultiSearch.

Requesting Print & Microfilm Theses from the Thesis Collection

Access to the Thesis Collection is restricted and items must be used under supervision.

See Thesis Collection for more information on how to access the Print Thesis collection and submit digital theses to Macquarie University ResearchOnline.

Digital Format Theses

Digital versions of Macquarie University Higher Degree theses that have been deposited with the Library are available from Macquarie University ResearchOnline

Search Macquarie University theses at Trove (National Library of Australia)

Finding Other Theses (Non Macquarie)

Searching for Theses via Databases

There are a number of databases that specifically index theses both in Australia and internationally. Some of these databases offer online access to part or all of the entire thesis - e.g. Proquest Dissertations and Theses: Fulltext

Databases for theses

To locate other sources of theses in MultiSearch

Select Advanced Search and enter:

  • dissertations and academic and indexes
  • dissertations and academic and bibliography
  • dissertations and academic and Australia
  • dissertations and academic and subject

To access theses not held at Macquarie University and not available online

For theses not held and not available online, Macquarie University staff and postgraduate students can contact the interlibrary loan service for assistance as they may be able to borrow the thesis from another library.

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