Strategic Priorities 2014-2016

Strategic Priorities 2014-2016

Over one hundred Library staff provide the 40,000 strong Macquarie community with anytime, anywhere access to scholarly information, databases, search tools and assistance, as well as every day access to Library facilities during session.

In 2013 the Library vision, purpose and strategic priorities were refreshed in line with the University's Framing our Futures initiative. This document encapsulates the outcome. A more detailed 3 year strategic workplan provides the mechanism for operational planning.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide dynamic and visionary information services to support the international research and teaching reputation of the University.

Strategic Priorities 2014-2016

Our Purpose

Strategic Planning Our Purpose

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Priorities

Strategic Priority 1: Providing inspiring learning experience

1. Anywhere anytime access
Implement and support advanced information systems and technologies that facilitate access and connectivity
   Implement a mobile strategy to provide additional access to scholarly content and to meet client demand for mobile devices and services

2. Innovative spaces and exhibitions
   Improve Library space to enhance user experience
   Build exciting and stimulating exhibitions to support learning and teaching objectives

3. Learning & teaching support strategy
Partner with University course programs to provide support for both academics and students
   Provide specialist support for the integrated health campus, clinical education in ASAM and related human sciences

Strategic Priority 2: Enhance research performance

4. Research data initiatives
   Continue our work with the Research Office on the collection, management and discoverability of research publication data and bibliographic citations

5. Research support strategy
   Provide advice on open access and scholarly communication, metadata management including developing schemas, data curation and reporting

6. Research partnerships
   Play a central role in supporting clinical education in ASAM, the hospital and related human sciences
  Continue our role as partners in developing research and information literacy content for MRes unit

Strategic Priority 3: Establish & foster distinctive & purposeful partnerships

7. Open engagement with internal partners
Improve Library space, equipment, services and resources to enhance the user experience and support learning and teaching and research objectives
   Engage productively with key units to:
     - facilitate access to learning and teaching resources
     - support research data
     - collection and management initiatives
     - engage with the integrated health campus and clinical education

8. Professional engagement and collaboration with our peers, colleagues and external community
   Host professional visits and national and international events
   Develop and implement projects with domestic and international libraries and universities
   Participate in Open Access collaborations

9. Domestic & international benchmarking
   Benchmark internationally 
   Promote international partnerships and collaborative benchmark exercises

The Way We Work

Two recently refreshed models summarise the Library approach to service and service improvements. Our strategic planning is supported by both.

The Library Service Model informs and guides Library staff interaction with clients, patrons and each other. The Library Quality Enhancement Framework aims to enact, support and strengthen quality processes and practices.

The way we work


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