Macquarie University Library welcomes financial donations and donations of appropriate teaching, learning and research materials. For financial donations, please see Ways to Give

The decision on acceptance of materials is made by the Research Librarian for the subject area. Donors are requested to contact the relevant Research Librarian for the subject area in the first instance.

The Library will consider gifts of published material provided that these:

  • support the current learning, teaching and research directions of the University
  • do not duplicate material already held
  • are not superseded editions of textbooks, professional texts, reference works or condensed versions, or contained obsolete audio-visual formats
  • do not show signs of mould or significant physical deterioration
  • are not required to be maintained as a discrete collection
  • do not have significant costs associated with their processing or housing in the collection
  • do not have limitations on their use or disposal.

The Library will consider gifts of print journal runs provided that:

  • single journal issues fill gaps in our print collection
  • print copies of a journal which are also held in electronic form will only be accepted where there are specific issues around access or archiving conditions for the electronic version
  • Acceptance of substantial print runs is specifically recommended by the relevant Department/Faculty through the Research Librarian

The Library reserves the right to decline or dispose of gifted material. Accepted material becomes the property of the Macquarie University Library, and will be managed according to the Library Collection Development Framework, and cannot be claimed back at a later date. Unless separate funding is also provided to process the material for the collection, these gifted items will be processed only when resources permit.

Gifts of some types of published material may qualify for consideration under the Australian Government's Cultural Gift Program which encourages Australians to donate items of cultural significance from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

Interested donors should contact the relevant Research Librarians

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