Client service charter

Client service charter

Our service commitment is to:

  • Treat you with courtesy and respect 
  • Respond to you in a friendly and professional manner 
  • Treat your personal information confidentially 
  • Provide you with accurate, timely and quality information 
  • Maintain an environment that supports study needs and provide equitable access to facilities and equipment 
  • Collect, manage and provide access to resources to support learning, teaching and research 
  • Provide assistance and instruction to enable students and staff to become self-sufficient learners and researchers

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Treat our staff and your peers with courtesy and respect
  • Respect our environment and facilities 
  • Observe Library rules and regulations and comply with policies

We value your feedback and comments and welcome any suggestions you may have on how services may be improved. Use the suggestion boxes on level 2 or 3, or contact us.

All library services operate in accordance with Library and University Policy.

Download a copy of the client service charter.

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