People struggle with reading and spelling for many different reasons. It is critical to understand exactly why a person has difficulty with reading and spelling in order to provide the best intervention.

In the Clinic, we draw on our scientific knowledge and expertise to provide reading and spelling assessments that are research-based and tailored to person's reading and spelling strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to pinpoint specific areas of weakness quickly and accurately, and recommend the most suitable research-based interventions.

Assessment areas

Our assessments cover many different aspects of reading and spelling. These areas include:

  • Phonics reading and spelling
  • Sight word reading and spelling
  • Reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension
  • Letter Identification
  • Letter sound knowledge
  • Morphological spelling

Since many people with reading and spelling problems also have problems with spoken language, attention, and anxiety about literacy, we also conduct screening tests for these problems.

Using the results of these tests, we create easy-to-understand written reports of a person's strengths and weaknesses, and we provide research-based recommendations for interventions that target a person's specific needs.

All sessions include a feedback session in order to discuss the assessment results or intervention recommendations in person with the client or parent/carer involved.

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