Macquarie University Reading Clinic

Macquarie University Reading Clinic

Cognition clinic

Assessing and treating reading and spelling

Providing research-based assessments and intervention for people with reading and spelling difficulties, and professional development for teachers and clinicians supporting those with poor reading and spelling.

  • Basic skills in choosing interventions for children with reading difficulties

    Our Approach

    We provide assessments, intervention recommendations, and interventions that are tailored to individuals, research-based, easy to understand, and...

  • Assessment services


    Receive individually tailored assessments with easy-to-understand written reports that include independent expert advice.

  • Intervention services


    Benefit from research-based interventions that target individuals' specific reading and spelling needs.


  • Professional development workshops

    Professional Development

    Learn how to select and administer research-based targeted assessments and interventions.

  • Our Team

    Our clinic management, staff and sessional staff have all been certified by the Advanced skills in assessing reading and spelling in children pro...

  • News and Events

    Latest news from the Reading Clinic as well as upcoming events


  • Contact Us

    Phone: (02) 9850 6889
    Fax: (02) 9850 6059

  • Enquire Now

    Enquire Now

    Click here to fill out an online enquiry form for our clinic. One of our team members will be in contact shortly to respond to your query....

  • Donate to the Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund

    If you could give the gift of reading, would you? Your donation to the Reading Clinic Scholarship Fund will provide evidence-based reading assess...

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