The Macquarie University Psychology Clinic (formerly known as The Rod Power Psychology Clinic) offers a range of services for both adults and children. The clinic is a teaching practice and is open to members of the community.

The clinic provides a range of services to adults, children and families. Services are expanding and are provided in response to the needs of the community. There are wait lists for all services.


  • Therapy for emotional problems such as anxiety, phobias, depression, eating disorders, alcohol management and ADHD etc.
  • Parenting skills training.
  • Counselling for relationship problems, low self esteem, bereavement, life stresses and career choice etc.
  • Psychometric assessment of cognitive functioning (including intelligence, memory and learning), undertaken by Provisional/Psychologists in Clinical Psychology or, where brain impairment is suspected*, by Provisional/Psychologists in Clinical Neuropsychology.
  • Group programs for ADHD
  • Sports concussion clinic
  • Personality, Career, Resilience and Leadership Assessments for Career development by Provisional/Psychologists in Organisational Psychology

Children and Adolescents

  • Psychometric assessment of cognitive functioning and assessment for learning disabilities, undertaken by Provisional/Psychologists in Clinical Psychology, or where brain impairment is suspected*, by Provisional/Psychologists in Clinical Neuropsychology.
  • Assessment and treatment for child and adolescent behavioural and emotional problems (including family therapy).
  • Group programs to teach social skills to children in years 3-6 in primary school.

*Please note that ALL Neuropsychological assessments (where brain impairment is suspected) require a doctor's referral.

*Reduced rates are available for clients who are currently students/unemployed.

* There are no session limits at the Clinic, however, we are not eligible for the Medicare or private health fund rebate.

Career Advantage MQ Service

Macquarie University's Career Advantage MQ is a professional vocational advisory service delivered by Masters of Organisational Psychology provisional psychologists (fully supervised by Endorsed Organisational Psychologists) using the latest career assessment tools.
The Career Advantage MQ Service offers a set of academically-led assessments that brings out your interests, values and motivators. This information is used in conjunction with your professional experiences, interests and training to make a plan so that you can move towards a more satisfying career pathway.
The Career Advantage MQ Service offers clarification and advice for:

  • what are your strengths and capabilities
  • what drives and motivates you
  • what work areas to focus on in the future
  • what are the next steps in your career planning

The Macquarie University Clinic is now offering this new service (valued at more than $900) for only $195. This special offer includes:

  • One hour telephone interview regarding Career & Interests background 
  • On-line questionnaire and profiling
  • Report which summarises the findings and lists preferences and motivations
  • One-on-one coaching session with one of our careers advisors (provisional psychologist) which involves going through the assessment and setting some goals and planning for future  career direction

How to get started?

Call or send an email (with Career Advantage MQ in the subject line) to:
Phone: (02) 9850 8000

Office location          

Macquarie University Psychology Clinic
Australian Hearing Hub
Level 1, 16 University Ave
Macquarie University  NSW  2109

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