About our Chiropractic Clinics

Established in 1974, the Summer Hill Clinic chiropractic interns have been proudly serving the Ashfield Municipality for 35 years, with the clinic only closed for a short period of time during 2005 refurbishments.  Initially, interns in attendance were enrolled at the Sydney College of Chiropractic, until this institution and its programmes came under the banner of Macquarie University in 1990.  Our Summer Hill Chiropractic Clinic is situated in the inner west of Sydney, in the heart of the Summer Hill Shopping Village.

Our second Chiropractic Clinic, established in 1994 is located in the lower north shore suburb of Eastwood within the Eastwood Village Square Shopping Centre.  For 20 years now the Macquarie University chiropractic interns have provided chiropractic care for local communities within the Ryde Municipality.  To meet growing demands from increasing student enrollements, our third Chiropractic Clinic opened in 2006, within the growing Macquarie Park business district, located a short distance from the central Macquarie University Campus.

During 2008 and 2009 the Chiropractic Outpatient Clinics established an external fieldwork program working closely with Surf Life Saving NSW, the NSW Rowing Association, U@MQ as well as Oxfam Australia with the Sydney Trailwalker Challenge and the NSW Cancer Council Relay For Life events. During 2009 we also developed a partnership with Hands on Health in order to provide chiropractic care at Parramatta Mission.  Our fieldwork program enables student interns the opportunity to work with acute injuries and manage a different case mix of patients in a range of different settings.  In October 2009, interns were provided with the unique opportunity to work with Sports Chiropractic Australia in providing chiropractic care to the 30,000 competitors participating in the 7th International World Masters Games.

2010 saw the beginning of our partnership with The Sydney Grammar School, where we provide chiropractic services to the students participating in weekly Saturday sporting fixtures. This partnership continues today. In 2013, the Chiropractic Clinics commenced a partnership with Southern Cross Care, Marsfield to provide a chiropractic care service twice a week to residents. This partnership enables Macquarie University interns to work within an aged care facility and provides a valuable service to the community.  These two partnerships have become part of the interns Clinical Placement Program, and together with our Chiropractic Clinic services and Fieldwork program, aim to provide exceptional care to a diverse range of clients within the internship program.

During 2011 a brand new clinic was opened within the Dow Corning Building located in the Macquarie University Research Park, where our campus and sport & aquatic centre operations were moved to. This purpose built centre situated within the EMC Building at 3 Innovation Road, houses 7 treating rooms, a dedicated rehabilitation room and modern x-ray facilities.

In 2013 our Summer Hill Chiropractic Clinic underwent extensive refurbishments and continues to provide outstanding service to the inner west of Sydney.

Our Summer Hill, Eastwood and Macquarie Park Chiropractic Clinics are equipped with modern radiological x-ray imaging equipment, and all three of our clinics utilise modern chiropractic treatment tables.  Our chiropractic interns provide a service to over 25,000 patients per year with a  wide range of health problems. A list is outlined in Table 1.  At all times, our interns are supervised by registered senior chiropractors and academics, who have access to cutting edge research to facilitate the development of a patient specific Chiropractic Care Plan.

Our experienced clinical supervisor team ensures that interns meet the highest standards of patient care as well as reinforcing exemplary academic standards of diagnosis and treatment.

Table 1: A list of health problems which are treated at the clinics
Back Pain Neck Pain Migraine
Disc Problems Arm & Leg Pain Joint Pain
Tension Sciatica Shoulder Pain
Stiffness Restriction of Mobility Strains & Sprains
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