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Cool Little Kids

About Cool Little Kids

Research has shown that the two biggest risk factors for the development of anxiety is shyness (or behavioural inhibition) at a young age and having a parent who is anxious or depressed. The Cool Little Kids Program aims to educate parents about how best to parent their anxious child. Topics of the program include:

  • Understanding anxiety and shyness in preschool children
  • Causes and risk factors for child anxiety
  • Helpful and unhelpful ways of responding to anxiety in children
  • Skills and strategies to help your child build brave behaviours and face fears
  • Dealing with setbacks and difficulties
  • How to maintain progress after the program ends.

The program consists of 6 group sessions across a 6-8 week period, held at the same time each week. Each session runs for approximately 2 hours.

To find out more about completing the Cool Little Kids Program, please read through the Cool Little Kids Flyer. If you are interested in completing the program please contact us by telephone on 02 9850 8711 or register your interest.

Download the Cool Little Kids Flyer PDF, 429.22 KB

We also offer individual therapy for both the Cool Little Kids Program and treatment for other mental health difficulties with registered psychologists and clinical psychologists. Further information can be found on our Individual Therapy page.

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