Cool Kids ASD

Cool Kids ASD

About Cool Kids ASD

The program focuses on teaching children and parents skills to manage anxiety in everyday situations. These skills include:

  • Understanding anxiety 
  • Relaxation 
  • Parenting strategies that encourage brave behaviour 
  • Identifying and using helpful (realistic) thoughts, and most importantly, 
  • Facing fears, building independence and increasing confidence  through stepladders (gradual exposure). 

Social skills are also touched on in the program as they are often a crucial part of building a child’s confidence, however parents should note that social skills are not the primary focus of the program and consequently the program will not replace programs or treatments that focus on social skill development.

The program is offered in both a group format (for children in grades 2 through 6) and on an individual basis (for children and adolescents of any age).

Please read through the information in the Cool Kids ASD Flyer. The flyer contains information that will help you determine whether your child is suitable for this program.

Download the Program Flyer PDF, 534.38 KB.

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