Ubar social committee

Ubar social committee

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What is the Ubar Social Committee?

The Ubar Social Committee is a platform for students, on-campus residents and Campus Life representatives to communicate and share ideas that directly rate to the operation and environment at Ubar.

Why was it established?

As a student bar, Ubar is a multifunctional space providing students with the opportunity to meet, discuss, host events, join in free events and enjoy student parties and prices. To ensure that Ubar continues to respond to and cater for shifting student needs, the committee was established.

What are the roles of members on the Social Committee?

As representatives of the wider Macquarie student body, members of the Ubar Social Committee are expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings regularly to brainstorm ideas for activities, theme nights, marketing and promotional suggestions, pre and post event feedback, and how to aid overall student experience at Ubar.
  • Actively promote Ubar events and activities via word of mouth/own social media channels, e.g:
    • Inviting friends to Facebook events
    • Spreading the word through colleges/student groups to encourage attendance  
  • Act diligently in all Ubar related events and activities.

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