Our alcohol policy

Our alcohol policy

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Ubar Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy & Terms of Entry

The Ubar has a policy to serve the University community (students and staff) and their invited guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner and in accordance to the legislation related to the provision and sale of alcohol (Liquor Act 2007).

The Ubar is a responsible service of alcohol venue. Alcohol will not be served to persons showing signs of intoxication. Ubar events are restricted to those aged 18 years and over. Patrons will be required to show proof of age. Legal forms of ID are current driver's license, passport, and proof of age card. The Ubar encourages patrons to take advantage of its safe transport options including the Ubar's Designated Driver program. Ubar staff are available to assist patrons in their decisions to have a safe and responsible night.

Ubar events are restricted to Macquarie University staff & students (SIBT, CME, MGSM, MI) and their guests. All guests will need to be signed in by a Macquarie University Staff or Student ID holder. By entering the Ubar you are hereby giving permission to be subject to professional photography within the event. Student or Staff must show their valid Macquarie ID card, this includes CMA, SIBT, MI & MGSM. Limit of two guests per Student or Staff. By entering the Ubar you are hereby giving permission to be subject to professional photography within the event.

The Ubar enforces and follows responsible service of alcohol guidelines set out by the NSW liquor act. We reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol to patrons and to ask patrons to leave the premise that we deem to be intoxicated and/or troublesome.

All patrons must have both proof of age ID and Macquarie ID for entry. Limited to one guest per member, unless otherwise specified /agreed by management.

Ubar is a no smoking zone on campus. The closet smoking area is the shelter on the pathway to E11A. Please refer to the smoking areas and smoking policy for more information.

The Ubar's objectives are:

  • To offer a responsible service of alcohol
  • To provide a fun, safe and secure environment for patrons
  • To respect our neighbours
  • To educate our patrons on the effects of the misuse of alcohol
  • To represent the multi-cultural diversity on campus
  • To provide an environment that embraces student talent
  • To work in collaboration with Eastwood Police to minimise crime and anti social behaviour
  • To build relationships with relevant stakeholders, partners and regulatory bodies
  • To provide employment and development for young people

Therefore, Ubar staff will not:

  • Serve any person under 18 years of age
  • Encourage any person to drink rapidly
  • Encourage any person to drink to intoxication
  • Serve any person who is intoxicated

Visit the Official RSA Website for more details on Responsible Service of Alcohol policy.

Management wishes to encourage patrons to enquire about our range of non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks, our range of food and advice about safe transport options.

The Ubar is committed to drive a sensible approach to drinking on campus. In support of this, the Ubar will practice the following to encourage responsible consumption of alcohol:

  • Encourage non-drinking patrons to participate in our Designated Driver Program
  • Limit the number of drinks sold to each patron
  • Not sell shots/shooter drinks
  • Not sell high level alcohol 'Ready to Drink' beverages
  • Provide food options
  • Provide adequate seating
  • Ensure that surfaces are regularly cleaned of used glassware
  • Close at a reasonable time to limit excess consumption of alcohol
  • Cease the drink service on event nights 30 minutes prior to event close
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