International presence

International presence

5. Emboldening Macquarie University's Recognition and International Presence

Macquarie University has over 130,000 alumni across Australia and 100 countries. We are among the nation's leading providers of education for international students. Thirty-three per cent of the current undergraduate and postgraduate enrolments come from overseas, and 29 per cent of research students are international. We also have numerous international collaborations at multiple levels of engagement. In refreshing our outreach and international approach, we will:

  • emphasize the outcomes and impact of our work both internally and for society-at-large
  • reach out to alumni and friends of the University to engage with us in our work in Australia and around the world
  • establish a truly global student population by diversifying the country of origin for student enrolments (undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research)
  • focus on enhancing opportunities for Macquarie students to study internationally, especially in Asia
  • improve students' capacity to engage in Asia by offering relevant language programs
  • create and promote opportunities for Macquarie staff to teach and work overseas with our partner institutions
  • continue to endorse extensive and diverse collaboration for our individual academic staff  and seek to build more collaborative opportunities for professional staff
  • ensure that University- and Faculty-level relationships will be only those that are deep, broadly based and sustainable
  • commit to developing a limited number of "mentoring" relationships with developing academic institutions
  • pursue the potential of at least one deep, creative, multiā€institutional international partnership (we will not, however, create an off-shore, free-standing campus).

Priority 5 - International Presence

Name Description Executive Sponsor
Shared Identity (Brand)
Rework the complex Macquarie University brand to future proof and ensure consistency and flexibility across audiences, create a shared understanding of our 'brand personality' Professor David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Engagement & Advancement)
Dr Paul Schreier, Chief Operating Officer
International online offering
Development of an internationally available online course offering Professor John Simons, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Jim Lee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

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