Silver level

Silver level

Silver level equips your department with understanding, ownership, and foresight necessary to effect meaningful change towards a sustainable future.

Bronze level was about setting up your department’s approach to embedding sustainability, including an initial state of play. Progressing towards silver accreditation is about deepening your understanding of sustainability, to develop your department’s unique contribution. Silver level also takes you through a visioning exercise that leverages your unique contribution to sustainability alongside your department’s purpose and Our University: A Framing of Futures. All you need to do is complete each of the elements below, using the activity sheets in the Workbook to guide you:

  1. Participate in a workshop to raise understanding and awareness of what sustainability is. 
  2. Build an understanding of your department's unique contribution to sustainability (referred to as Unique Contribution in your Workbook).
  3. Make the links between your purpose, vision, existing initiatives and the University's broader strategic priorities (referred to as Visioning in your Workbook)
  4. Map the high level networks to which your department is connected and operates within (An Example Mapping is included to guide you).
  5. Use the tools above as a guide in further developing your communications.  Revisit your initial communications plan to ensure it is clear how everyone is gaining an understanding of how to embed sustainability into strategic priorities.

Download your Silver level Workbook here DOCX, 800.39 KB

You can complete these elements as part of a full day workshop, or separate elements over a number of weeks. Once you have completed all elements in the Silver level Workbook, submit this document to Macquarie Sustainability via using the subject title format of ‘Department XYZ, Silver Level”.

Supporting resources 

Macquarie Sustainability staff are here to help! Please contact us if you would like us to facilitate an element/s, or even just to ask for clarification on something.

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