Gold level

Gold level

Gold level equips your department with the strategy, accountability and support necessary to effect meaningful change towards a sustainable future.

Silver level was all about understanding and visioning your department’s role in embedding sustainability. Progressing towards gold accreditation is about creating a strategy to embed sustainability within your department so it becomes business as usual. Gold level takes you through the necessary steps to plan and implement your vision. All you need to do is complete each of the elements below, using the activity sheets in the Workbook to guide you:

  1. Develop your department's sustainability objectives and goals (referred to as Strategy Planning in your Workbook)
  2. Ensure priority sustainability objectives and goals are measurable and accountable by developing appropriate metrics (referred to as Metrics worksheet in your Workbook)
  3. Develop an implementation plan to ensure clear responsibilities, timelines, and budgets in line with broader departmental planning (referred to Implementation plan on a page in your Workbook)
  4. Identify necessary elements to support your strategies (referred to as Support system checklist in your Workbook)
  5. Revisit the initial Checklist and Maturity Matrix from Bronze level to track progress and update where necessary. This occurs no earlier than 3 months post completion of all elements above (referred to as Checklist and Maturity Matrix in your Workbook)
  6. Use the tools above as a guide to further enhancing your communications plan to engage your entire department and ensure your journey to sustainability is now clear and invasive.

Download your Gold level Workbook here

You can complete these elements during a one day workshop, or as separate elements over a number of weeks. Once you have completed all steps in the Gold level, submit this document to Macquarie Sustainability via using the subject title format of ‘Department XYZ, Gold Level”.

Supporting resources 

Macquarie Sustainability is there to support you through facilitating an element of elements, or if you just need to clarify something. Contact us and discuss your needs.

If you are struggling to determine which actions to focus on, use this Decision matrix worksheet to assist.

Developing objectives and metrics can be tricky. Use this cheat sheet to assist you in understanding what SMART is.

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