Bronze level

Bronze level

Bronze level recognises what your department is already doing, and assesses what level of maturity you are currently at

Bronze level is all about setting up your department’s approach to embedding sustainability, including an initial state of play. All you need to do is complete each of the elements below, using the workbook provided to guide you:

  1. Identify a committee/s to assume responsibility/accountability for embedding sustainability (referred to as Committee Contacts in the Toolkit).
  2. Complete the checklist assessment of current sustainability actions (referred to as the Checklist in the Toolkit).
  3. Capture initial thoughts on how sustainability connects to your department’s mission and expertise (referred to as Sustainability Connections in the Toolkit).
  4. Develop an understanding of how mature your department is regarding your approach to sustainability i.e. starting, implementing, integrating or transforming (referred to as the Maturity Matrix in the Toolkit).
  5. Develop a communications plan to engage your entire department, using the tools above as a guide (referred to as the Communications Plan in the Toolkit).

Download your Bronze Toolkit for Transformation here

You can complete these elements as a half to full day workshop, or as separate meetings over a period of time. Once you have completed all steps in the Bronze level, submit your Workbook to Macquarie Sustainability via using the subject title format of ‘Department XYZ, Bronze Level'.

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