Watt wise

Watt wise

Watt wise

Approximately 95% of Australia’s total energy consumption is from finite, non-renewable, polluting energy sources. This is contributing to climate change and is driving up costs. In addition, we are more dependent on energy than ever, with our consumption patterns of finite resources still continuing to rise – this is a major supply issue for the future!

Macquarie University is one of the top 200 energy users in NSW, producing approximately 30,545 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year from electricity use alone.

Our target is a 50% reduction in net carbon emissions over 2012 levels by 2030.

Our challenge is to do this whilst growth in our operations is projected to increase by 40%.

What are we doing?

The University has been an early adopter of energy management technologies such as geothermal heat rejection systems, in addition to the following:

  • Building Management System (BMS) upgrades
  • Electrical sub-metering
  • Solar outdoor lighting
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • PV arrays as part of new builds as appropriate
  • Focus on overall efficiency in new builds and whole of building refurbishments.

Visit our Energy and Emissions page to find out more.

10 ways to save energy

We can help avert climate change and rising costs and consumption by reducing our energy consumption on campus, at home, and wherever we go. We’ve broken it down into 10 easy ways to save energy – both in the workplace and around home.

Phantom loadPhantom load. 

Unplug or switch off electronics (eg. computers, printers, kitchen appliances) at the wall socket - most devices still draw up to 10% of their total energy use whilst Off or Stand By mode.

Turn off, turn greenTurn off turn green. 

Most people are good at turning off personal equipment, but don’t forget common areas. Switch off lights, TVs, computers and air-conditioning if last out.

Cool itCool it. 

Fans are extremely energy efficient at cooling us down, but turn fans off when you leave the room - most work by evaporating moisture from our skin.

Keep up that keep cupKeep up that keep cup. 

Disposable coffee cups and water bottles are energy intensive to produce and distribute. Carry reusable mugs and water bottles.

Shower power. 

Reducing the length of your shower by just one minute could save up to 6,900 litres of water each year. Plus short showers save power!

Smart appSmart app. 

Switch off extra functions and applications (eg. Bluetooth, wireless) on your computers and phones to extend your battery and computer life.

People poweredPeople powered.

Walking and cycling are free and are powered by you, rather than fossil fuels. Cycling is the most energy efficient transport per passenger-mile. Or car pool via co-hop.com.au.

Wear itWear it. 

Dress appropriately for the weather to avoid using air conditioning. Layer up in winter and dress light in summer. Keep a spare jacket, scarf or blanket at work for colder days.

Cold wash, sun dryCold wash, sun dry.

Where possible, wash clothes in cold water and sunlight dry them. These practices will not only save power, but can make your clothes last longer!

Keep a lid on itKeep a lid on it.

Using the right sized lids on pots and pans when cooking will keep heat contained and make cooking faster and more efficient.

Download the 10 ways to save poster PDF, 116.91 KB to display within your department and spread the word on how to be more watt wise.

I'm in

There are many ways to get involved! Download the cheat sheet or the powerpoint slides (complete with notes) to present to your peers, colleagues or friends and get your watt wise journey started.

  1. Tell us what you’re already doing for energy efficiency. Contact us to celebrate your wins!
  2. Appoint a champion to lead office energy savings alongside Property and Sustainability. Contact us to get started.
  3. Spread the word! Share the 10 ways to save poster, get on social media, and encourage others to become more energy efficient.
  4. Attend the Solar Workshop, Wednesday 20 July 2016, 6.30-8.30pm, Price Theatre. Register for the workshop, or download the event poster.
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