Tap it

Tap it

Tap it is Macquarie University's award-winning campaign that urges people to avoid bottled water and choose the humble tap. You can take action to reduce the high costs of bottled water by filling up at any of the campus Tap It refill stations, purchasing a reusable bottle, and making a pledge to choose the tap over buying bottled water.


Macquarie University won the student engagement award at the annual Green Gown Awards Australasia, recognising our innovative 'Tap it' campaign to encourage switching from bottled to tap water:


Get involved


There are plenty of ways to get your department involved:

  • Table "Tap it" at your next department meeting. Use the cheat sheet as a guide for discussion.
  • Resolve at the meeting that your department will go disposable plastic bottle free at meetings, functions and events - and work to provide free tap water instead.
  • Gain endorsement of the campaign from your Head of Department or line manager by having them sign this poster and displaying it somewhere highly visible.
  • Engage your students and/or stakeholders in the campaign by passing along information on what your group or department is doing to go bottled water free. For example, tell the world you are going plastic free through newsletters, department website, or by encouraging staff and students to bring refillable bottles along to lectures, events, and meetings.
  • Encourage staff in your department sign the pledge to go bottled water free
  • Bring refillable bottles along to lectures, events, and meetings - inspire others to do the same!
  • Check out the tap map for locations you can refill on campus.
  • Pledge to go bottled water free whenever tap water is available.

Download the cheat sheet to assist your communications.

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