Clean and green

Clean and green

In 2008, 90% of all binned material from campus ended up as landfill. Now, less than 25% ends up as landfill. Even though we have "one size fits all" bins across campus and a waste system that gives us great outcomes, litter that doesn't end up in our bins can end up in our creeks or in the lake, and can have devastating impacts on the plants and wildlife.  Our car parks and smoking zones are some of the more highly littered areas, as well as the toilets, main walkways and theatres.

Our community is encouraged to upload pictures of litter on campus to instagram with the #litterati hashtag and place the litter into bins provided. The hash-tagged photos appear on a google map on, allowing us to see the type and location of litter on campus.

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Items that end up in Macquarie's general waste stream are sorted at Doyle Brother's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

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You can help keep Macquarie clean and green in two ways:

  • Avoid creating waste in the first place by using reuable cups, bottles, bags, containers and cutlery.
  • Be the Litterati! When you see litter on campus, snap it, tag it, and bin it. Snap it, tag it, bin it

By using these hashtags, you will be actively helping us to identify problem spots for us to manage. Let's work together to keep Macquarie clean and green!

Download the cheat sheet to assist your communications, or find out more about our waste system.

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