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The launch of the Change The Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017) in August this year highlighted the need for a coordinated approach to how we educate and empower our University community to better prevent and respond to sexual violence, as the Report recognises the importance of fostering a shared responsibility across our University to help shape a culture of safety and respect. Since the National Report, the RNA team has been planning for what this approach looks like and how it will be carried out in 2018.

Led by Tatiana Lozano (Manager of Student Diversity and Inclusion, and Project Lead for RNA), the RNA team oversees development and planning work dedicated to improving prevention and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment experienced within our University community. Through evidence-based education, awareness-raising, and action plan development, the team aims to enhance prevention and positive cultural change in the sexual violence context.

RNA is a significant part of the wider remit of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit (SDI). The SDI team is located organisationally within the portfolio of the Office of the Executive Director, Student Engagement and Registrar.

Tatiana Lozano

Tatiana LozanoManager, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Project Lead, Respect. Now. Always.

Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit

T: +61 2 9850 7380
E: tatiana.lozano@mq.edu.au

Tatiana has been working at Macquarie University since 2010, initially as a training consultant and then as part of the Equity and Diversity team. She now heads up the Student Diversity and Inclusion team and teaches casually at Macquarie Law School.

Tatiana's background is as a lawyer and human rights educator, having worked as a lawyer for over 10 years in the community legal sector and Aboriginal Legal Aid in the Northern Territory, rural NSW and Sydney. Her education work expands across projects in higher education and in the non-government sector, focusing predominantly on the use of transformative learning to promote personal and social change in the area of human rights.

Tatiana is deeply passionate about working with universities to bring about social change that will contribute to social justice in the broader community. Such is her commitment to the work of the Student Diversity and Inclusion team at Macquarie which promotes the application of an inclusive ethos across the University and the Respect. Now. Always. project that aims to address the prevalence of sexual violence which undermines the cohesion of a just and equitable society.

Jen Smith

Jen Smith
Project Officer, Respect. Now. Always.
Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit

T: +61 2 9850 6526
E: jen.smith@mq.edu.au

Jen has held the post of Project Officer, Respect. Now. Always. with the Student Diversity and Inclusion team at Macquarie since October 2017. Her role consists mainly of developing an action plan for the Respect. Now. Always. project which involves identifying best practice, collaborating with internal and external partners and applying insights from research and student consultations to the project’s ongoing development.

Jen studied Sociology, History and Philosophy at the University of Wollongong which included a year studying abroad at the University of Exeter, UK. It was in Exeter that Jen’s interest in feminist and social philosophy developed and after finishing her undergraduate degree she returned to Exeter to pursue a two-year Masters by Research specialising in the social and structural foundations of sexual violence.

Eager to apply theory to practice, Jen worked voluntarily on a campus-wide campaign that aimed to prevent and improve responses to sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, which involved working with the regional police force, local victim support services, the university and the students’ union. Upon completing her masters, Jen worked with an international human rights NGO, providing gendered perspectives on humanitarian crises and current legal approaches to the European refugee crises. Jen’s personal and professional commitment to gender equity and preventing sexual violence means that she is looking forward to developing the RNA project, and promoting a safe and respectful campus for Macquarie students.

Xuan Luu

Xuan Luu
Education Officer
Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit

T: +61 2 9850 6849
E: xuan.luu@mq.edu.au

Xuan (pronounced "swan", like the bird) has held the post of Education Officer with the Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit at Macquarie since early October 2017. He works chiefly on the Respect. Now. Always. project, including spearheading a University-wide education and culture change strategy for the primary prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus. He also collaborates with other areas of the University on educational projects that relate to supporting students from a range of key equity populations, including students with a disability, students who identify as LGBTQIA+, international students, and students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Xuan is psychologist, university educator, and public health professional by background. He brings to Macquarie over eight years of experience working in the higher education sector, having previously held lecturing and educational management roles at the University of Western Sydney, Charles Sturt University, and the University of Sydney. He has obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and a postgraduate degree in higher education studies, and is currently studying for a Master of Public Health. His areas of research, teaching, and professional practice interest include:

  • Health promotion, health education, and behavioural change;
  • Strengthening higher education in global health and public health;
  • The public health and mental health aspects of domestic and family violence, intimate partner violence, violence against children, and violence against women; and
  • Settings-based approaches to mental health promotion and social inclusion in higher education.

Xuan is fundamentally passionate about supporting students to be well, to feel included, and to be able to bring their authentic and celebrated selves to university. He enjoys talking to, and working with, students and staff on initiatives that make a meaningful and positive difference to how students experience all dimensions of university life. He is deeply dedicated to the mission of maintaining and strengthening a culture of safety and respect at Macquarie, where everyone has the right to feel included, accepted, and supported - anywhere, at any time.

Evianne Grosvenor

Evianne GrosvenorResearch and Project Officer
Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit

T: +61 2 9850 1106
E: evianne.grosvenor@mq.edu.au

Evianne has held the post of Research and Project Officer with the Student Diversity and Inclusion Unit at Macquarie since November 2017. Evianne is working on the development of a new Diversity and Inclusion framework for the University that includes staff and students. She is excited about fostering Macquarie University’s profile of an inclusive, culturally safe and diverse work and study environment.

Evianne holds a doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Her research focused on child sexual abuse and the involvement of the internet and the interaction with the legal system. Prior to coming to Macquarie University, she co-authored a report for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Previously Evianneworked in the University of Cambridge Research Office, and she was elected and employed as the President of the University of Cambridge Graduate Union. To this role she brought a lot of experience as a national advocate for bettering disabled people’s rights and opportunities in the Netherlands. As President, Evianne became passionate about supporting students in minority and disadvantaged groups. She successfully advocated for their needs and rights in the highest levels of University governance, including University Council.

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