People with disability

People with disability

Our Commitment

Macquarie University is committed to building an equitable and inclusive educational and professional environment for people with disability working or studying at Macquarie. The Macquarie University Disability Action Plan 2012-2017 demonstrates our commitment to improving educational and participation opportunities for people with disability at the University.

The Plan was developed after extensive consultation process and encompasses a range of strategies across the following priority areas:

  • University Governance, Planning and Policy
  • Learning, Teaching and Research
  • Access to Information and Communications
  • Inclusive Physical Environment
  • Employment and Professional Development
  • Campus Community

Implementation of the Plan is coordinated by the Disability Action Plan Reference Group.

Defining Disability

The Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 defines disability in relation to a person as:

  1. total or partial loss of the person's bodily or mental functions
  2. total or partial loss of a part of the body
  3. the presence in the body of organisms causing disease or illness
  4. the presence in the body of organisms capable of causing disease or illness
  5. the malfunction, malformation or disfigurement of a part of the person's body
  6. a disorder or malfunction that results in the person learning differently from a person without the disorder or malfunction
  7. a disorder, illness or disease that affects a person's thought processes, perception of reality, emotions or judgment or that results in disturbed behaviour and includes a disability that:
    • presently exists
    • previously existed but no longer exists
    • may exist in the future (including because of a genetic predisposition to that disability)
    • is imputed to a person.

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